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Have tools like Canva caught your eye but what you actually need is contemporary presentation software? is an alternative to Canva with specialized design AI that prioritizes modern presentation layouts. With you can trust anyone to quickly build a stylish and polished deck. IBM, Google, and Dropbox rely on our proprietary design system to create professional-looking presentations. For slide creation, is a well-recognized Canva alternative.

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You don't need to learn design best practices to create branded presentations with— and you don't need to learn any complex graphic design programs either. 

Get a jumpstart by using our inspiration gallery of pre-designed slides. Take advantage of our slide templates as a starting point so you never have to start with a blank page. Don’t worry about layout or photos unless you want to add some personalization of course! You can add tasteful animations, embed videos, and more with ease (even with our free plan).

Various marketing collateral like social media graphics can be created on websites like Canva. However, unlike Canva, was created specifically for presentations; its UI is intuitive and relevant to creating the most effective decks possible. Share online via the cloud or export in a variety of formats including editable PowerPoint files.

Our customers say using is “like working side-by-side with a designer.”

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Make the switch to, the best alternative to Canva around. Sign up with and create your next presentation in minutes.

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The secret weapon of teams like: is to PowerPoint what Canva was to Photoshop at launch: a promise to simplify and accelerate the production of content that is balanced, nice-looking, and effective.
Eric Bouchet, Digital Tools Consultant at OutilsNum