We’re changing the way the world presents.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to turn their ideas into visual stories that win.

Remember that time you had to make a presentation and it was really easy and it took less time than you expected and it came out looking awesome?


We’ve all been there—your presentation is tomorrow at 9am, but instead of rehearsing, you’re up at midnight drawing circles and lining up arrows. This can’t be the best way to build a presentation, but until now it’s all we’ve had.

The Beautiful.ai team has spent decades working on other people’s presentations—writing them, designing them, and building software to make them. During that time, we’ve watched way too many people bang their heads against the wall trying to turn ideas into visual presentations—so we decided to do something about it.

Meet the Founder

Mitch Grasso

Mitch Grasso and the team at Beautiful.ai believe that the only way to guarantee good presentation design is to build the intelligence of a designer directly into the tool. Our first product suggests ways to visualize your ideas and makes it incredibly easy to customize the design. It knows what’s on your slide, what you might add later, and how to adjust the layout when you do. And we’d like to think it has pretty good taste, too.

Mitch has more than 20 years entrepreneurial experience building and leading design-oriented tech companies from early stage ideation to market leadership. He previously founded and served as CEO for Sliderocket before being acquired by VMware in April 2011.

We are Beautiful.ai

Design Forward

Design Forward

We believe in the intrinsic beauty of simplicity. Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Detail Oriented

Detail Oriented

We relentlessly QA our product to ensure we deliver a superior customer experience. No feature is released before its time.



We’re a fighter brand. We value inclusive debate and believe that it always results in the best possible solution.



The best outcomes are a result of teamwork. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.


Over 3 million people believe in us

You’re doing God’s work there, thank you for making me look like an absolute boss of presentations.
Keith B.
Via Support
I LOVE your product. I’m rebuilding my seed round deck and it’s awesome! Literally 10x better than the original I built in Powerpoint. Keep rockin’!
Neil L.
Via Email
Love Beautiful.ai, it has been a game changer for our company presentations!
Rebecca B.
Via Support
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Let’s do great things together

We’re growing and looking for new talent to help us on our mission to change the way the world presents. Join us if you’re inspired by challenging the status quo and want to help shift how people think about visual communication in work and life. Let’s make work beautiful.

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