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When you want to create a content-focused presentation, Slidebean is a decent option for presentation software in a pinch, but it can be tedious to use. Slidebean has a varied collection of presentation templates for your content, but actually customizing these templates can be cumbersome and frustrating. Plus, Slidebean even admits to having glitches, which risks your presentation if you lose connection unexpectedly.

If you’re short on time, you don’t want to spend hours adjusting slide layouts or content blocks. You also don’t want to risk losing your presentation. That’s why is the best Slidebean alternative available. Our design AI auto-formats your slides so you don’t have to. allows you can create a professional, content-focused presentation without all the frustration.

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It’s the only online tool I’ve found that professionally designs your deck in real-time. The tool's "smart slides" automatically adapt the layout as you add content, which can cut production time in half.