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June 4, 2024

Generate Presenter Notes with AI

Create presenter notes from your slides using AI, ensuring you're equipped with concise, powerful cues. Transform your slide deck into a compelling narrative with a detailed script, seamlessly crafted to engage your audience.

How it works:
  • Open presenter notes in the editor
  • Click on the bot icon and select a format for your notes
  • Notes will be generated based on the content of your current slide
  • View your notes when you present in Presenter View
June 4, 2024

Live Annotations

Boost your presentation with our new pen tool. Sketch your thoughts on the slides as you go, grabbing your audience's focus and pointing them to your main ideas. Underline key points or show connections while you move through your deck.

How it works:
  • Click the pen icon in the player toolbar
  • Draw freely—highlight key points as you present
  • Marks will fade after a few moments or when you navigate away from the slide
  • Click the icon again to turn the pen off
May 21, 2024

Gradient Backgrounds

Create custom gradients right in to use as slide backgrounds.

Here's how:
  • Open the Theme Editor and click Add under Background Gradients
  • Select your colors and customize styles like angle and noise
  • Choose to create multiple backgrounds and select a default background for your slides
  • Apply your theme to your presentation. You can find Background Gradients and images in the color panel.
💡 TIP!

Ensure legibility by choosing whether the gradient background is treated as light, dark or color. Smart Slides will automatically adjust text to be light on dark backgrounds, dark on light backgrounds, and will avoid using color on color.

May 21, 2024

Slide Status

Keep your work moving and track progress seamlessly by selecting a slide status: To Do, In Progress, On Hold, or Done.

Stay in sync with your collaborators and receive notifications whenever your slide status changes. Customize your notification settings in the collaboration menu for each presentation.

Effortlessly manage your tasks from To Do to Done.