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October 19, 2023

Fresh Graphics to Organize and Illustrate Your Story

Group milestones into time periods, phases of a project or steps in a process. Guide your audience through each stage of your journey—beginning, middle and end.

Our Timeline Smart Slide now includes the option to transform into labeled sections or process arrows.

Here's how to add spans to your timeline
  • Add a Timeline Smart Slide to your deck
  • In the slide control bar, click ADD SPAN
  • That's it! Add new spans and customize styles. Click and drag to resize and rearrange.

New Bug Fixes
  • Improved selection of chart x-axis titles
  • Icons are now consistently sized across table cells
August 1, 2023

Generate Slides with Custom Context

Context is everything. Now you can add additional context along with your prompt for personalized results—relevant to your story.

Enter a prompt for your slide or presentation, then upload a supporting text document, add a URL, or enter text from any source. Our AI will generate content in response to your prompt, using your added context as source material. If you choose not to add a prompt, we'll create slides based on your uploaded content. The beautiful part? Because they are built on Smart Slides, your generated slides will adapt automatically as you work.

While in beta, Pro users have unlimited access to this feature for free.

Also new! Dynamic page numbers for our PowerPoint integrations. Export editable slides—or add slides directly in PowerPoint using our add-in—and your page numbers will now update automatically as you reorder your slides.

Learn more about our add-in here.

June 27, 2023

New Smart Slide: Horizontal Bar Chart

Horizontal bar charts are easy to read and allow for longer category labels. Best for times when the order of categories isn't necessarily sequential, like survey results or demographics. As with all of our charts, you can easily import data, adjust settings and even switch between chart types. Use color and highlight points to call attention where it's needed—or add a text tray to your slide to summarize the takeaways for your audience. Your chart will automatically resize to accommodate the additional text.

We've also added the option to adjust bar width and spacing for this and our column chart.

Password Protected Sharing

Choose to add a password to your share link for an added layer of security. Viewers will need the link and password in order to access your content. Name your link and track engagement with Viewer Analytics.

Updated Image Editor

Make an impact with new controls, found in our improved image editor. Just double click your image to bring up the blue control bar, then click the palette icon to open the image editor.

  • Remove image backgrounds in just a click
  • Adjust opacity—perfect for improving legibility when used as a background for a headline
  • Image rotation
June 5, 2023

New Integrations

OneDrive, SmartSheet and AirTable

Joining our growing list of data integrations are OneDrive, SmartSheet and AirTable. Import data directly into your chart or table slide. Teams can keep data perpetually up to date by linking the slide to the source file.

Fresh Device Frames

Choose from an updated selection of devices to frame your product shots. Options now include the latest versions of popular devices, more options in landscape, and unbranded, illustrated versions.

Improved Copy+Paste

Improved copy+paste functionality means you can easily copy content across items, slides and even decks. Stop recreating content. Copy an item—like a timeline marker or image—and paste it into another slide.