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March 28, 2023

Present with Confidence

Keep your viewers focus on your story with streamlined player controls and video narration.

Video Bubbles

With video narration, you can now prerecord your perfect pitch—just hit play! Find this new feature alongside audio recording in the left toolbar of the editor. Add a video bubble, record your presentation and position it on your slide. Send a link to your presentation for your audience to view in their own time, or shake up your presentation with a mix of prerecorded and live narration. A message from the founder? Team updates? Let your audience hear from different voices and subject experts.

Player Controls

When it's time to share your story, don't let player controls get in the way. We've reimagined our player so the options you need are available when you need them, and out of your way when you don't.

March 28, 2023

Everything Your Team Needs in One Place

Give your team the tools it needs to create beautiful decks with consistent branding and up-to-date data.

Team Slide Templates

Create a library of custom slide templates for your team to start from—with structure, design elements, and key content already in place. Built on Smart Slides, your team can easily customize these for their specific use case. Create slides with as little or as much starter content as you like, so your team can simply add a client logo or emphasize a key point for their intended audience and—done!

Team Librarians and Owners can create new Slide Templates from Team Resource management, or directly from a presentation. From a presentation, share a slide from the three dot, more menu.

  • Select "Share Slide with Team"
  • Make it easy for your team to find by naming it and adding relevant tags
  • Choose to share the slide as a finished, uneditable Shared Slide, or as an editable Slide Template
Team Feature

Data Import and Data Linking

Keep your data fresh with data linking. Import data to your chart or table directly from your preferred app and choose to link the slide to the data source. When your source file is updated those changes will automatically be reflected on your linked slide. Import from—or link to—Google Sheets, Dropbox or Box. Additional integrations coming soon!

Team Feature

Media Import

Access your favorite digital asset management app without leaving In addition to Dropbox, Teams can now import from Google Drive, Box and Bynder.

Team Feature
February 28, 2023

It's beautiful what you can do with a little ai

Create the slide you need in seconds with our generative ai. DesignerBot has built custom presentation structures for you, reworked your copy and even created unique images to use. Now you can also ask DesignerBot to generate custom slides, with visuals and content based on your prompting. Because they are built on Smart Slides, they'll automatically adapt to your theme and additional edits—integrating seamlessly with the rest of your deck.

Ready to try it?
  • Click Add Slide and navigate to DesignerBot's Slide AI
  • Describe the topic of your slide, adding any specific details you want to include.
  • Let DesignerBot do the rest!

Find your team resources faster

As your Team libraries grow, it can be increasingly difficult to find the resources you need. That's why we've added the ability to create custom tags for your Team Assets and Presentation Templates. Enable your team to find and add the right headshot or Sales Deck template in a click.

Give your team the tools they need to get better work done, faster. Learn more about our Team Plan

Quick theme builder

Themes define the look of your presentation—ensuring your presentation is visually consistent and on brand. Our simplified Theme Editor means you can create your theme and get started on your content faster. Just add your colors, fonts and logo and get started building your presentation. You will always have access to the full range of options available in the advanced editor to tweak your font sizes, colors and footer. Save your theme to use again later.

To help you get started even faster, PowerPoint users can now import theme essentials from a PPT file. Select your file and we'll create a theme based on the fonts and colors used in your PowerPoint theme. Import your fonts or replace them with our built-in fonts.

A better version history

We've improved our version history experience to make it easier to find the version you are looking for. Just hover to preview the version and click to apply, or choose to copy that version as a new slide. Collapsed groups makes it easier to sort through a longer history and find the right version quickly.

Rich slide notes

Make presenting a little easier. Now standard formatting options like bold, italic and bullets are available in slide notes.

February 13, 2023

Smarter Text Editing

Meet your new AI-powered writing assistant

Say goodbye to writer’s block. Let DesignerBot rework your copy and inspire a more impactful message, faster.

  • Rewrite. Just select copy and hit rewrite. DesignerBot will craft a new way to phrase your content.
  • Make shorter. When presenting, keeping text to a minimum on a given slide is best practice. Easier said than done. Let DesignerBot summarize your text for you.
  • Make longer. When you need something more, DesignerBot is here for that too. Speed up your workflow by getting your main point down and let DesignerBot elaborate.
  • Change tone. Ensure your content hits the right tone by adjusting it to be friendlier, more assertive or more professional.
  • Custom prompt. But really, DesignerBot is here for all your unique needs. Translate text into another language or ask it to generate new content. Try "Summarize the benefits of using AI to generate content" or "Rewrite in the voice of William Shakespeare"

In other DesignerBot news, we've made improvements to our presentation generator. In addition to being faster, you'll get better results, more slides, and more visual variety.

A smarter text editing experience

You'll notice better performance, display quality, and functionality. To benefit from these updates while editing pre-existing slides, just hit Update Slide to get the latest version.

  • Select multiple text blocks. Copy/paste and change styling across multiple text blocks, drag to rearrange, and even drag into other items or columns.
  • Standardized and more reliable keyboard shortcuts, spellcheck, and support for emojis! 😁
  • Improved language support.
  • Better quality text display, including more accurate kerning, ligatures and hyphenation.
  • Additional block options like equation and code are now available beyond of Classic Slides.
  • Improved fidelity and functionality when converting to Classic and exporting, including the ability to select text in an exported PDF.
  • More control over bullet point and numbered list styling.
  • Lots of pesky text-related bug fixes!

Layouts for right-to-left text

In addition to supporting right-to-left text, we've added the option to create themes that use appropriate layouts. Open your theme editor and turn on RTL text in the typography menu. This feature is currently in beta. We would love to hear what you think and where we can do better. As always, feel free to drop us a note with suggestions and comments in the help center.

Timeline Improvements

Enjoy more flexibility in our Timeline Smart Slide, including control of milestone height and new milestone styles. Choose numbered or bulleted milestones and change icon frame styles. Get the template

Link slides

Storytelling isn't always a straight line. Select any text and in the link menu, choose to add a hyperlink or link to another slide in the deck.

January 30, 2023

Streamline Your Workflow

Copy + Paste Slides

We've added new ways to copy and paste slides across decks quickly. Find copy and paste tools in the editor three-dot, more menu—or select multiple slides in Organize view, and use the right click menu or standard keyboard shortcuts.

Scale Slides in Organize View

Scale slides up to get a closer look at content, or down to fit more slides in one view.

Resend Invitations

Don't let invitations get lost in the email backlog again. Resend collaboration invitations in a click, or copy an invite link to send via Slack or add to a doc. Links will only work for expressly invited collaborators, so your content remains secure. Find this new option in the presentation collaboration menu. For our Teams, we've added this functionality to workspace invitations as well.

Bug fixes:
  • Improvements to commenting and assigning slide UI
  • Prevent in-app notifications from interrupting slide editing
  • Fix to copy+paste line element functionality
January 10, 2023

Meet DesignerBot

Create unique presentations ✨automagically✨ with DesignerBot (beta)—our built in AI. Describe the presentation you want, and we'll generate a beautiful deck with story, content and visuals already in place.

Ready to try it?
  • Click New Presentation and navigate to DesignerBot
  • Describe the topic of the presentation, adding any specific details you want to include.
  • Let DesignerBot do the rest!

Built on Smart Slides that auto-adapt as you edit, it couldn't be easier to further customize and iterate. Looking for just the right image? DesignerBot has you covered there, too. Enter a prompt and our AI will generate a custom image to visualize your unique story.

Presentations come together in a snap with AI at your side—from start to finish.

December 5, 2022

Create AI generated images with DesignerBot

Describe what you're looking for, and let DesignerBot create an image unique to your story.

In addition to our image, video and icon libraries, you now have the option to create custom, AI generated images. This is an evolving technology, and while in beta, all of our Pro and Team plans include credits toward images.

Ready to try it?

Be specific and detailed in your prompt—including subject, setting, and mood. Here are a few examples of prompts to spark your imagination:

  • Hand drawn sketch of a futuristic flying car
  • Photo of busy street in London, people walking to work, morning light
  • High quality illustration of a happy robot in space, holding a pencil

🪲 Plus, bug fixes...

Thanks to your feedback, new fixes include adjustments to the export dialogue to accommodate smaller windows.

October 3, 2022

Even Smarter Slides

Thanks to your feedback, this month we are releasing improvements to make it easier than ever to tell your story.

Chart Slides

Let the data tell your story. Show change in value as a multiple with this new formatting option.

Agenda Slide

Need more items than will comfortably fit on one slide? No problem. Keep multiple Agenda Smart Slides sequential by selecting a start number for each slide.

Convert to Classic

We've made working with slides after converting to Classic even easier. Now most items are converted as groups, so you can rearrange and restyle without fuss.

More Classic Slide improvements:
  • Quickly group and ungroup items right from the slide toolbar.
  • Select the item you need at a glance with our improved Select Layer dropdown in the right click menu.
  • Bug fixes
New to Classic Slides? Learn more
August 30, 2022

Brand Guardrails

Keep your team consistently on brand by limiting the features members have access to. Customize your Brand Guardrails by role and choose to allow Librarians more creative liberties, while limiting Members to Team Resources.

This is a Team Feature
  • Limit access to pre-designed starter materials, including Starter Templates and Inspiration Slides.
  • Require your team use Team Themes by restricting the use of built-in and custom themes.
  • Ensure the use of approved assets by removing our stock image and video libraries.
  • Your team doesn't have to start from scratch (and maybe they shouldn't). Enforce good design practices by removing blank, Classic Slides.
  • Decide who on your team can remove design guardrails and convert a Smart Slide to Classic.
August 30, 2022

Export to Google Slides

Leverage our Design AI without disrupting your team's workflow. Export Beautiful slides to Google Drive. Choose to export a single slide, or a whole deck, and it'll open—fully editable—in Google Slides.

August 2, 2022

Collaborate with Confidence

Content Distribution Controls

Keep tabs on proprietary content. Choose to allow your team to collaborate only with other members, and prohibit moving presentations out of the workspace. Team Owners can configure these restrictions in Advanced Team Management, under the profile menu in the top right. This is a Team Feature.

Default Player Settings

Now Teams can configure Player Setting defaults for their workspace. Decide what features are important for your organization, and all new presentations will consistently reflect that. Librarians and Owners can access these settings in Team Resources, along with Player Branding. This is a Team Feature.

July 11, 2022

Tools to help you and your team stay organized.

Import PowerPoint Files

We've made it easier than ever to make the switch to Import existing PowerPoint decks to start from. Make your old decks new with Smart Slides. New to Import a ppt with your branded theme, and save the theme to use next time you create a presentation—with all of your fonts and colors already in place.

Autocomplete Invitations

Invite Teammates to collaborate and add to shared Team Folders faster than ever. TIP! Type # to search folders and @ for teammates

Recently Opened

Stay focused on current projects with our new library view. By default, we'll show you just the last 10 decks you opened to edit.

Nested Team Folders

Organize your content with Team sub-folders.

Copy Share Links

Collaborators with view only access are now able to copy existing share links. Create and name share links for your team and track analytics, all in one place.

June 20, 2022

Visibly Better

This month we're releasing several features giving you better visibility and control over your creation process—from choosing to include skipped slides in your exports to more clarity when choosing a slide.

Updated slide library UI has two types of slides—Smart Slides are templates that intelligently adapt to your content as you work, while Classic Slides are for when you need more control over your design. We've tweaked the UI to help you get a better understanding of the slide you're adding—before you add it.

Improved video thumbnails

Video content is now rendered as a still image in thumbnails and static exports. Clearly see what's what when reordering slides in Organize View.

Duplicate and get to work

Now when you duplicate a presentation, the new presentation opens automatically in the editor. We've eliminated any fumbling for the right copy, so you can get straight to it.

Choose to include skipped slides

Or skip 'em! Decide whether skipped slides are included when exporting your deck to PowerPoint or PDF.

Have you heard? Now you can create slides right in PowerPoint with our new PowerPoint add-in! Learn more.
May 31, 2022

Summer 2022 Release: More efficient, intuitive and flexible than ever.

From performance improvements to new slide layout and color options—this update is all about enhancing and streamlining the slide creation experience. Read through to get all the juicy details.

But First—New Smart Slides!

In addition to improving our existing library, we've built three new Smart Slide templates.

  • Timer: Perfect for shorter periods of time, like a coffee break or breakout session.
  • Countdown: For longer periods of time, like days until a product launch or deadline.
  • Big Number: Highlight important stats in a flexible grid.

Switch Smart Slides (BETA)

Like slide Variations, you can now switch to any template. Wherever possible we'll preserve your content so there's no need to start again from scratch. We've taken the busywork out of finding the right visualization for your story.

For a Faster Workflow

In addition to performance improvements and bug fixes, we've optimized the UI in key places, so you're done that much faster. Many slides now have the option to jump to the intended number of items in one click. Double-click an image, logo or icon to quickly access its settings and controls, like scaling and filters. We've improved text editing for elements, side text trays and impact slides, like the Headline Slide. This means direct text editing, better scaling and better drag reordering. We've added new styling options here as well, including vertical gap settings and new divider line styles.

More Control Over Color

Change the color of almost anything! This includes text, icons and most shapes. Selecting a new color from the slide color panel will re-set custom shape colors. Shapes will continue to auto-adapt when the background color is changed. You can now define colors for positive and negative values for your theme—perfect for checklists and indicating change in value. New slide header options include background colors and layout. When positioned on the left, you can now drag to scale it up or down. Icons on muted frames will now use that color, instead of black or white. Beautiful!

New Frame Styles

In many cases, you can now change image and icon frames to another shape, fill style or even a device frame, like a phone, laptop or tablet! You'll find these options available in Smart Slides, including Icons with Text, Photos with Text, Carousel, and impact slides like Headline—as well as added text trays and media elements. Now you can show off your new feature—in the right device frame—right along side your growth stats or process diagrams.

Slide Background Images

Upload slide background images to your theme. Choose whether it is treated as light or dark to ensure legibility, and opt to select one as a default background.

Smart Slide Improvements

We've gone through our 60+ Smart Slides and added even more layout options, variations and improved design.

Venn Diagram
  • Preserves relative spacing of bubbles when scaled—when you resize your header, for example.
  • Labels now have descriptions, can be manually positioned and resized horizontally. Auto Position will intelligently position your labels again.
  • Bubbles can be reordered (bring to front, send to back). This is great for selecting smaller bubbles within larger ones.
Pyramid and Funnel
  • New styles! Represent your marketing funnel graphically by numbering or adding icons (or images) to your sections.
  • Improved text scaling.
  • Position your target on the left, center or right, leaving more space for call out text.
  • Switch labels to callouts and back again without losing data.
Bullet List
  • Drag to arrange items in multiple columns, and add column headers (think pros and cons!)
  • New checklist style! Click to change check icons to a muted style or an X.
  • View, reorder and delete carousel items in a single view, with the new management menu.
  • Resize, reposition and add frames to images per item—yes, device frames too!
  • Customize transition effects for carousel playback.
XY plot
  • Control layering of items (bring to front, send to back).
  • Simplified items for simpler editing.
  • Copy/paste items.
Hub and spoke
  • New, simplified item elements.
  • Choose to position the hub at the top, with the spokes radiating down, or at the bottom.
Org chart
  • Color code your org chart per item.
% icons
  • Added flexibility to show more stats on a single slide.
  • Improved behavior when using numbered stats instead of percentages, so you can manually set the icon fill independent of the number input.
  • Option to fix the number of icons shown in each stat so that all of the items on your slide look consistent.
  • Improved performance when dragging change in value annotation.
  • Change in value annotation now includes CAGR formatting, a Growth/Trend Line style option.
  • Choose to position chart titles above or below.
Classic Slides

While we are passionate about the automated design that our Smart Slides offer, we know sometimes you just need to start from scratch with a blank slide. We haven't overlooked our Classic Slide here.

  • Frame style options are now consistent across Smart Slides and Classic, helping to create a more cohesive look throughout your deck, and improve fidelity and usability when converting to Classic.
  • Additional shortcuts and right click menu options to speed your creation process, including Select Layer, and Cmd-D to copy and repeat your last transform.
  • Improved grouping, locking and selection behavior.
  • Prevent default browser behavior on keyboard shortcuts like command-g.

As you can see, we've been busy! Give these new features a try, and as always, let us know what you think. We love hearing from you and take your feedback to heart.

April 20, 2022

Centralize your assets, and close the loop with your audience.

Viewer Comments

Enable your audience to interact with your presentation. Now when you share a link to a presentation, you can decide to allow viewers to comment on it. Presentation editors can view and respond to all comments—both Internal and Viewer—right from the presentation editor.

Centralized Team Assets's new Team Asset Library makes brand-compliant decisions the default for all employees building presentations. Librarians can upload pre-approved brand assets to a centralized library for Members to grab from as they’re building slides.

The Asset Library also enables Librarians to maintain presentation media with 100% precision. Modified screenshot? New headshot? No problem. When an asset is replaced in the Team's library, it updates automatically in every presentation where it’s used.

This is a Team feature.
March 21, 2022

Create a branded viewer experience

Upload your logo or branded animation to customize your team's presentation loading screen. Go beyond branded themes, and ensure your viewers' experience is true to your brand from the very first impression.

This is a Team feature.

February 15, 2022

Multiple Team Themes

Now save all of your go-to themes under one account. Whether you're working with multiple brands, serving many clients, or simply using different designs for internal and external presentations, you can now make these shared themes available to your entire Team.

The Webview Slide

Demo your product, show off your website, or display a live poll! The new Webview Smart Slide allows you to embed webpages on your slides.

January 31, 2022

Better ways to share

PDF Download

Perfect for static copies or offline review, now you can give your viewers the option to download a PDF of your presentation from the player.

Require email to view

Get more granular with analytics by requiring viewers to provide their email before viewing your presentation.

Expiring links

Create time-bound access to presentations by configuring expiration dates for your shareable links.

New icons

From TikTok to data lakes, we added 180 new icons to use in your presentations.

Other improvements

  • Faster loading – Say goodbye to sluggish libraries. Power users will notice significant gains in loading times.
  • Slide conversion highlights – You converted your slide to Classic and want to switch back? This new highlight point in slide history makes it easy to find the version you need.
November 3, 2021 for

Whether you’re managing leads, campaigns, employees, or tasks in, the app enables you and your Team to quickly reference the most up-to-date versions of corresponding pitches, project plans, and strategy decks — directly within your boards.

Embedding presentations keeps everyone on the same page by giving teams direct access to the most up-to-date version of presentations. Install the app now to add presentations to your projects!

October 21, 2021

Set your slides in motion

Animations timeline

A new non-linear animations editor gives you granular control of when your slide elements appear during playback. You can now create dramatic animation effects by "growing" elements, customizing animation order, and creating suspenseful delays between elements. Read how.

Stock video library

Choose from over 80K videos to liven up your slides. Stock videos can be added as the background on headline slides – or anywhere else you use icons and images! With content ranging from reverse to fast-forward to slow-motion to time-lapse, you can quickly find the perfect visual effect for your slides – without leaving the editor. Read how.

Other improvements

  • Classic Slide animations - Classic Slides now support animations and videos!
  • Chart data import design - We've updated the data import experience to be more flexible and intuitive.
  • Logo file visibility - No more white-on-white! Light logos now display on a dark background, and original logo file names can be accessed on hover.
  • Mobile playback - We know you're on the go. Rotate easily between landscape and portrait on mobile, uninterrupted.
August 10, 2021

Start your story off right

Team Templates

Team Owners and Librarians can now build presentation templates for members to start from.

Team Templates are plug-and-play starter decks that help members kick off their presentations and maintain critical storylines. With presentation structure, design elements, and key slides already in place, members can quickly replace content to customize their story without getting bogged down with the details.

Quickly convert existing presentations into Team Templates, or build new templates from scratch. Learn how.

Team Folders

Now, all members can create Team Folders to organize shared content. Whether they're collaborating on a project or working with their department, members will be able to seamlessly create and configure folders that allow them to share with the right people at the right time.

Team Owners can view and manages all folders from the Team Resources center. Learn more.

June 22, 2021

Find exactly what you need

Deep text search

As your presentations scale, it can be a pain to hunt down old content. Now you can locate the presentation or slide you're looking for with just a few key words. Our new, comprehensive slide search searches across all of the text in your account to show you the most relevant results.

Go ahead and try it out from your presentation library or by adding a new slide.

Chart improvements

We did a deep dive on chart templates and made a whole slew of improvements we know you'll love! You can look forward to an optimized data import, as well as a ton of new functionality like:

  • Additional layout options for multi-chart slides
  • Option to annotate absolute or percentage changes between points
  • Smart date formatting for category labels
  • Improved data highlight styling
  • Customizable line weight for line, area, and spline charts

May 24, 2021

Stop, collaborate, and @mention!

This release includes new collaboration features and a help center revamp to help you get more done, faster:

  • @mention your teammates in comments
  • Assign collaborators to the slides they’re responsible for creating or presenting
  • ? Reference copy, paste, undo, and other advanced keyboard shortcuts in the editor
  • Access FAQs and step-by-step tutorials from the help icon

April 28, 2021

Design without limits

The last 5%

We hear you: Sometimes Smart Slides are exactly what you need, and sometimes they only get you 95% of the way there. Starting today, you can make those final tweaks to Smart Slides by choosing to break the design ai and convert them into Classic Slides.

Classic Slides give you unlimited flexibility to design your slides as you see fit with a more familiar authoring canvas. On Classic Slides, you have access to:

  • Text: Use any font you’d like, or stick with the fonts in your theme. Multi-block text styling and widgets for displaying code and equations level-up traditional text editing.
  • Color: Customize text, fill, and lines with any color you’d like, or choose a color in your theme.
  • Smart components: Leverage powerful charts and tables in your Classic Slides.
  • Positioning: Position elements wherever you’d like with the help of alignment guides. Use grouping and layering tools to get the perfect look.
  • Shapes and media: Draw paths, add shapes, and dress up your assets with our library of device frames for images.

So go ahead: add that last item, adjust your margins, and make those icons just slightly smaller. Convert to a Classic Slide when you really need it – or use a Classic Slide to start from scratch – and let Smart Slides handle the rest.

Read more from our CEO about our decision to develop Classic Slides.


We know how much time you invested in those decks – don't lose your old work. Import your existing slides into, and incorporate them into your new presentations.

Our presentation importer prioritizes precision, maintaining every possible visual detail we can from your original slides. Your imported slides will be fully editable and inherit from your presentation's theme wherever possible, so even those old slides will blend in with your new look. Any .pptx file will work, so you can renovate Keynotes and Google Slides while you're at it.

Learn more about importing your presentations.

April 12, 2021

A new Journey for you

✨ The Journey template

Sometimes our paths aren't linear. Ups, downs, highs, lows – a straight, flat timeline or list of bullet points doesn't communicate those nuances. We created a winding twist on the classic Timeline to give you more options for communicating the sequence of events over an abstract period. Journey has plenty of fun surprises in store:

  • Customize your milestones - Choose to use icons, images, map pins, or dots to mark your Journey milestones
  • Configure start and end markers - Give your Journey definitive start and end points with descriptors, or let it flow off the canvas
  • Emphasize certain milestones - Override the automatic milestone color with another color from your theme
  • Try a variation - Seamlessly switch between Timeline and Journey to see what communicates your content best

Add a Journey slide to your next presentation, and let us know what you think!

Mobile updates

Look at you, always on the go! We realized our mobile experience wasn't quite up to par for those of you who regularly look at content from your mobile devices. We've released a few updates that should make your mobile experience more useful and less buggy:

  • Share across all your apps - Share a link to your presentation using your device's mobile sharing mechanisms
  • Collaborate, right from your phone - Add collaborators to your presentation without having to fire up the desktop app
  • Rotate away - We addressed some bugs with mobile playback that made it a pain to rotate between portrait and landscape
February 15, 2021

Putting it all on the Table

Table template improvements

We heard your feedback: Sometimes our table template could be frustrating to deal with. That's why we completely overhauled the table to turn it into a template you'll want to come back to over and over. Updates include:

  • Better autofit, styling, and sizing. Autofit your rows or columns. Bulk select and edit multiple cells at once. Control your text size down to the pixel.
  • Merge cells.
  • Better copy/paste. A blank cell is not a zero. Now the table template understands that. Copy and paste from your source data with much higher accuracy and ease.
  • Custom colors and decoration. Use visual cues in your tables by adding flags to your cells and customizing fill, icon, and text colors.
  • Much faster performance. Now you can make Really Big Tables! We've made it a lot faster to input data into your tables and add columns and rows, which should make working with tables much more seamless, all around.

Try it for yourself by adding a table slide to your presentation!

January 18, 2021

Invite friends, earn credit Referral Program

We're excited to announce our referral program! You can now refer friends for future credit on your subscription.

Just navigate to your profile, click Referrals, choose how to share, and watch your credit stack up. Sharing with friends is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

December 14, 2020

✨ New year, new look

/ Create stunning slides with less effort

  • Inspiration gallery - Choose from hundreds of beautiful, pre-built slides to add to your presentation. Since these slides were created with our smart templates, you can easily customize them with your own content. Click "Add slide" > "Get Inspiration" to peruse the gallery.
  • Refreshed themes - We've added 10 beautiful, new themes to choose from when creating a presentation. You can rely on any of these built-in themes to create a clean, professional presentation. To see all your options, create a new presentation now.
  • Presentation templates - Start your presentation from one of more than 50 pre-built templates. Let these templates serve as a guide for your story, and tweak them as needed!
  • Chart and accent colors - You can now define dedicated colors for charts and accents. These theme customizations increase legibility and add sophistication to your presentation. Edit your theme to define these colors.

/ Experience faster, more intuitive editing

  • Performance improvements - We heard your feedback around laggy typing and jumbled text, so we decided to make a change. With a 50x improvement in performance in this update, your text woes are a thing of the past.
  • Editor layout - We reorganized controls in the presentation editor to make the experience simpler and IA more intuitive. Slide-level controls, like Elements and Layout can be found on the left, presentation-level controls at the top of the screen, and collaboration features on the right sidebar.
  • More intuitive controls - Copy and paste elements from slide to slide. Drag and drop your text anywhere on top of an image slide. Select whether to add a numbered or bulleted sublist. You'll discover all of these simplifications and more while editing your slides.

/ Scale your presentation library with ease

  • List view - It's finally here! You can now choose to view your presentations as tiles or a list. Sort by presentation owner, created date, and more to manage your ever-growing library of content.
  • Simple sharing - 1-2-done! Invite people to edit or view your presentation directly from the presentation dashboard or the presentation editor. Sharing en masse has never been easier.
October 6, 2020

More control for teams + comments for everyone!

/ Team updates

  • Update your invoicing email - Send your invoices directly to finance@, receipts@ - whomever! - without having to add them as a member. Team owners can update this information from the billing pane.
  • Choose how to handle presentation ownership - When removing a member, team owners can now choose to transfer the affected member's presentations to someone else on the team in order to retain important company collateral.
  • Navigate to your team workspace faster - Your team workspace is now prioritized as your default workspace when logging in. To increase accessibility, team workspaces will also show up at the top of your workspace dropdown.

/ General

  • Comments are now available to everyone! Now when you invite your client or colleague to collaborate on a presentation, they'll be able to see your feedback without needing to upgrade.
September 10, 2020 for Teams

Finally, an effortless way to keep everybody on-brand and every slide up-to-date: the Team Plan is here!

Check out some of the ways we're making it easier to manage your team's presentations:

  • Shared Slides: Design a slide once, and allow your team to use it infinitely. Push updates to all presentations in a single click. Learn more.
  • Shared Theme: Lock in the right logo and brand elements for use across your team, staying visually consistent from pitch to pitch. Learn more.
  • Team Administration: Manage user roles and permissions, centralize billing, and structure your team for simple sharing and collaboration.

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July 1, 2020

Get presentation updates in Slack Bot helps you collaborate on presentations by sending you realtime updates about your presentations directly in Slack! Just add the app to Slack to get started.

When you add the app to Slack, we'll send you updates each time a collaborator makes any of these changes:

• Adds a comment
• Edits a slide
• Adds a slide
• Moves a slide
• Removes a slide
• Renames the presentation
• Changes the presentation theme

Go ahead and try it out! All you need to do is authorize the app, create a presentation, invite a team member to collaborate, and watch the magic happen as they edit the slides!

May 1, 2020

Use Beautiful alongside Dropbox and Google Drive

Access your presentations from Google Drive

Now you can organize your Beautiful presentations right alongside all of your other content in Google Drive. This is just one of the many steps we're taking to make collaborating with your team even simpler. Read more about how to connect your Google Drive account here.

Import media from Dropbox

We've made it easier than ever to grab the media you need for your slide directly from your Dropbox account. When adding an image to your slide, just choose Dropbox as the source, and voila! You can peruse your Dropbox folders and integrate that content directly into your Beautiful presentation - all without leaving the app. Read more here.

April 1, 2020

The heat is on!

Our brand new thermometer Smart Slide has been released into the wild! Use it to track and report on progress toward a goal. Intuitive controls allow you to easily adjust the fill of the thermometer, customize the reporting units, and add informational callouts.

March 31, 2020

Never miss a beat

We're bringing you new ways to collaborate and stay up to date on presentations through our new comments and notifications features.

Using comments, you can have a dialogue about the content and storyline of your presentation without leaving the app. Comments allows you to leave messages on slides for your teammates (or yourself!). Learn more here.

You and your teammates will also be notified when a comment is added to a slide or when the slide is changed. Edit your notifications settings to customize how you're alerted - in-app or via email - to make sure you're up to date on all of your presentations. Learn more here.

March 1, 2020

More options for video and audio

Forget the days of recording and re-recording audio tracks and meticulously organizing all of your mp4 files to upload to your slides. We built an audio recorder directly into the app, so you can narrate your story faster and easier. Learn more here.

And while YouTube and Vimeo have some really great content, we know that you do, too. Now you can upload videos to your slides directly from your computer. Learn more here.

January 31, 2020

More flexibility, same great design

Our new Elements feature allows you to venture outside the constraints of our Smart Slides to emphasize your points. Now, you can add shapes, text, images, icons, and lines to your slides with elements. Elements are built with the same design intelligence and automated components as our Smart Slides, so you continue to have the help of a designer as you leverage elements to customize your message.

Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. Use elements with discretion to keep your presentations clean, simple, and effective!

Read more about how to use elements here.