IntelAgree Keeps Frankendecks in Check with

As a b2b SaaS company, how IntelAgree demonstrate's their product to prospective clients matters. helps their team keep frankendecks in check and maintain consistent branding across all presentations.

Presentations are used across different departments in nearly every industry. Whether it’s for internal purposes, or client-facing decks, presentations serve a purpose for most teams. IntelAgree is no different. IntelAgree is an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that helps legal teams do impactful work, not busy work. Given their industry, they understand the importance of productivity, and streamlining workflows to be more efficient. We all know that PowerPoint can be a time-suck, so it’s no wonder they were looking to get their presentation process dialed in. 

As a b2b SaaS company, how they demonstrate their product to prospective clients matters. IntelAgree marketing manager, Kara Margraf, understands how storytelling— and nailing the first impression— can impact the overall business. In an effort to help her team create more professional, wow-worthy presentations she Googled “how to make a clean PowerPoint.” Kara discovered and never looked back. She says, “I presented this new deck to leadership and I felt really confident going in saying ‘we need this, the ROI of this is in the time I save from spending weeks on PowerPoints to spending just minutes in’”

Saving time and increasing productivity

What would typically take IntelAgree a week to create a deck in PowerPoint takes only 45 minutes in “And that’s a generous 45 minutes. I'm immersed in all of these beautiful templates and being able to look at a new slide and think ‘maybe that's a better way to tell my story,’” Kara says. “It’s time well spent.” 

Having a repository of pre-built decks in a centralized library helps them avoid wasting time searching for, or recreating, old presentations. IntelAgree marketing specialist, Marena Davis, says being able to use existing presentation formats and piggybacking off of old content is making them increasingly more productive. The Shared Library has helped make their process more seamless, while saving them more time.   

“Using templates breaks the norm and allows you to work better, think in a new way, and tell your stories better, which I think helps you sell better.” 

Kara Margraf, Marketing Manager, IntelAgree

Keeping employees in the honeymoon phase

Any company will tell you the importance of onboarding, but they’ll also acknowledge that it can be hard to get employees motivated and hyped up. Because IntelAgree is growing fast, they needed a way to onboard employees effectively, while getting them excited about the job. Kara explains, “You want them to live in that honeymoon phase as long as possible. And a fresh deck, that's not blank, can help.” provides IntelAgree with the tools necessary to get their teams and internal partners up to speed and onboarded as efficiently as possible. 

Killing frankendecks with brand control

As a prospering software as a service (SaaS) company, branding is crucial in how they’re representing themselves outside the team. IntelAgree went from a siloed way of thinking about presentations to being more collaborative and putting the brand first. Of course, not every employee on every team has the design skills necessary to back up all of their deck needs. At IntelAgree, the presentation design and branding control falls on the marketing team to ensure every client-facing deck is on brand and professional. Having in their back pocket, and being able to lock in branding, has helped them get a handle on frankendecks circling around other departments while unlocking unnecessary marketing bottlenecks. 

A sales enablement secret weapon

Being able to collaborate in has specifically helped IntelAgree with sales enablement, and supporting their team with beautiful sales proposals, demos, and pitches. The marketing team will create the initial deck and templatize it, and then the sales team can go in and customize it based on the conversations they’re having with potential customers. “Using has really allowed us to oversee the presentation design and keep everyone on brand. Collaborating has never been easier,” Kara says of their process. The Smart Slides, and custom themes, keep everything clean regardless of who is working in the deck. Kara loves that they never have to worry about what fonts or colors other departments are using because their branding is set and locked in their custom theme. 

Kara leaves us with this, “Using templates breaks the norm and allows you to work better, think in a new way, and tell your stories better, which I think helps you sell better.”