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Get the power of generative AI right inside your workspace. DesignerBot is a powerful creative partner that designs slides quickly, helps brainstorm ideas and generates text and images in a snap. All you have to do is ask, and watch DesignerBot generate a unique deck for you in seconds.

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Create AI presentations and slides automagically

Get a jumpstart to your story with the power of AI presentations. Let DesignerBot build your presentation for you - complete with professional slides, content, charts and images.

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Get your first draft, fast

Never stare at a blank slide again. Just describe the presentation you are looking for, and let DesignerBot design slides for you.

Create slides from text in seconds

Once your AI presentation is generated, use’s Smart Slide templates to make edits quickly. Add flow charts, infographics, Venn diagrams, XY plots and more to adapt the presentation to your content.

Creative writing made easy

Unblock your writer’s block with DesignerBot. You can summarize, expand text or rewrite it in a different tone. You can even ask it to write your paragraph in a different language!

Generate images from text

Convert your ideas into art by asking DesignerBot to generate an Al image with a detailed search prompt. Describe the image style, tone, and even mood to get interesting results.

Eg. synth wave style illustration of Los Angeles


Let context shape your presentation

AI without context isn’t very intelligent or effective. Adding context to your prompt will accurately guide DesignerBot to give relevant results specific to your ideas, and your data. Now you can add additional text-based documents, pdfs or webpage urls to your prompt design, and watch DesignerBot transform them into a stunning presentation, in seconds.

Generate stunning slides with AI

Looking for a specific type of slide? Simply type in a prompt and watch DesignerBot generate a complete slide for you, with relevant content and images. Give it a try!
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Get creative with AI-generated images

Transform your ideas into creative images. Simply type in a prompt and watch DesignerBot generate a unique image to compliment your slide (eg. an oil painting of a dog drinking coffee in an office).

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“I love this! just got even better and faster. DesignerBot unlocks so much for our team in the ‘getting started’ phase of presentations. This is going to change the way our team builds presentations!”

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No more frustrated hours spent trying to design a slide. Generate slides, rewrite text and craft unique AI images with the power of DesignerBot.
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