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5 Tools To Help You Build The Perfect Slide

Jordan Turner
August 11, 2020
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5 Tools To Help You Build The Perfect Slide5 Tools To Help You Build The Perfect Slide
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Have you ever had to build a slide (or an entire presentation) from scratch with little-to-no direction from your boss or colleagues? It can be so daunting that most people will spend hours staring at a blank slide with no idea where to start. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. But who has time for that? We know that your time is precious, and efficiency is key for a growing business. Spending hours tinkering with a slide and rearranging your content can take away from time spent on your delivery.  

Here’s the good news: you won’t find an easier way to build a slide than in We help you turn your ideas into beautiful slides in minutes (not hours). Without the extra burden of design, you can focus on what’s truly important, your message. Our pre-built templates are a great jumping off point when you need a little inspiration or don’t know where to start. But why stop there? We have a few more tricks up our sleeve to help you create a presentation that is always modern, professional, and, of course, beautiful.

Here are five tools to help you build the perfect slide in a fraction of the time.

Choose from over 60+ Smart Slides

Get a head start with one of our pre-built Smart Slide templates. Our Smart Slides auto-adjust as you add your content using design best practices so even non-designers can create their best work ever. Our free template library has everything you need from charts and graphs to image grids, so there’s something for everyone, every team, and every piece of content. You bring your ideas, we’ll do the rest. 

Find your style 

We understand the importance of good branding, especially when it comes to your business. In you can create a stylized presentation with custom themes, fonts, and logos. Upload your own personal branded colors and fonts and set a designated presentation theme so that every slide is cohesive and on-brand. You may also choose to add your logo as a footer to each slide so that your presentations are always professional and branded. All of this is customizable based on your personal preferences. 

Add supporting visual aids

Ditch the lengthy bullet points and add supporting visuals instead. Choose from hundreds of thousands of visuals from our free image and icon library, and add them to your slide with just a simple click. High-quality, on-brand images and icons can help you tell your story and capture your audience’s attention at first glance. Images can help evoke emotion, which can ultimately help you achieve a higher success rate with your call to action.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our image library, it’s easy to upload your own images directly from your files or Dropbox folders

Bring your story to life with animations

Nobody likes a stale slide. Engage your audience with custom animations that bring your story to life. With animation, auto-advance, and audio control features your message will be more lively and interesting. We know that your presentations aren’t “one-size-fits-all” so we’re handing you the remote to control the order, timing, and speed of each piece of content in your slide. Aside from being more dynamic, animations allow you to spend more time on certain slides or pause for content that demands discussion or feedback.

Use Elements to craft your message

Sometimes you need just a little bit more creative license to craft your message beyond what the Smart Slides might allow. Insert: Elements. With Elements you can position different types of text, shapes and graphics anywhere on a slide, which gives you flexibility to tell your story exactly how you want. You may want to use Elements on your slide to call out a feature, customize an image, drop a pin on a map, or explain data on a chart. Elements will up-level any slide, making it unique to you and your presentation. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.