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How to Establish a Branding Template for Your Team's Presentations

Beautiful.AI Team
October 20, 2023
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How to Establish a Branding Template for Your Team's PresentationsHow to Establish a Branding Template for Your Team's Presentations
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A big pain point for teams creating presentations is brand control. When you give employees the creative freedom to build their own decks from scratch, you end up with a hodgepodge of designs. The presentation design process will often involve sending the finished deck to the marketing team for a final pass and approval, but that can create an unnecessary bottleneck. Thankfully, presentation software— like— has a simple solution to help teams avoid the headaches that come with the presentation design process. 

Instead of taking the chance on a blank slide, organizations can create brand-approved team templates and themes that are baked out with the most recent data and information, approved fonts and colors, and beautiful layouts. With these pre-built assets, members of the organization can grab, recycle, and customize what they need— when they need it— without having to burden marketing with design requests.  

How to create a branded Team Template in

In, a Team Template allows Librarians and Owners to turn existing or new presentations into templates. If there’s a certain slide or deck they’re getting repeat requests for, they can create a template so that different departments can grab and go as needed. Members of the team workspace can pull what they need from premade decks and make them their own. 

Here’s how Team members can create Team Templates to maintain consistency across all decks.

Getting started

To add an existing or completed presentation to your Team Template list, from the Library view, click More and select Create Team Template from the dropdown menu. A confirmation dialog will appear. Click Ok to continue.

To view your template, click on the dropdown arrow from the upper left corner and select Team Resources.

To edit the contents of your Team Template, click on Team Resources from the Library view. Click on More and select Edit Template. You will be launched into a Template Editor. Here, you can edit the template as you normally would in the editor. Your changes are saved automatically and pushed out to all versions of the deck. To exit your Edit Template view, click on Actions and select Exit Template Editor. 

How to create a Team Theme

Your branding is just as important as the content of your presentation. In some cases, you may not need the full control of a Team Template but still want to regulate the branding of a deck. With Shared Theme, you can lock the theme for your organization without worrying about unintended changes or mismatched slides— this includes approved logos, fonts, and colors. 

Getting started

To edit the theme, click on Team Resources and select Theme from the left side panel. Click on Edit Theme to set your theme. 

Apply the theme across your organization

To set your theme for all presentations in your organization, click on Require Shared Theme. This means all new presentations created will automatically use the pre-set theme, bypassing the Choose Theme window, and ensuring brand consistency for each deck.

As a Librarian or Owner you can make updates to your fonts and logos, colors, and iconography in just a few clicks and update all existing presentations using that theme in real-time. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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