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March 28, 2023

Present with Confidence

Keep your viewers focus on your story with streamlined player controls and video narration.

Video Bubbles

With video narration, you can now prerecord your perfect pitch—just hit play! Find this new feature alongside audio recording in the left toolbar of the editor. Add a video bubble, record your presentation and position it on your slide. Send a link to your presentation for your audience to view in their own time, or shake up your presentation with a mix of prerecorded and live narration. A message from the founder? Team updates? Let your audience hear from different voices and subject experts.

Player Controls

When it's time to share your story, don't let player controls get in the way. We've reimagined our player so the options you need are available when you need them, and out of your way when you don't.

March 28, 2023

Everything Your Team Needs in One Place

Give your team the tools it needs to create beautiful decks with consistent branding and up-to-date data.

Team Slide Templates

Create a library of custom slide templates for your team to start from—with structure, design elements, and key content already in place. Built on Smart Slides, your team can easily customize these for their specific use case. Create slides with as little or as much starter content as you like, so your team can simply add a client logo or emphasize a key point for their intended audience and—done!

Team Librarians and Owners can create new Slide Templates from Team Resource management, or directly from a presentation. From a presentation, share a slide from the three dot, more menu.

  • Select "Share Slide with Team"
  • Make it easy for your team to find by naming it and adding relevant tags
  • Choose to share the slide as a finished, uneditable Shared Slide, or as an editable Slide Template
Team Feature

Data Import and Data Linking

Keep your data fresh with data linking. Import data to your chart or table directly from your preferred app and choose to link the slide to the data source. When your source file is updated those changes will automatically be reflected on your linked slide. Import from—or link to—Google Sheets, Dropbox or Box. Additional integrations coming soon!

Team Feature

Media Import

Access your favorite digital asset management app without leaving In addition to Dropbox, Teams can now import from Google Drive, Box and Bynder.

Team Feature
February 28, 2023

It's beautiful what you can do with a little ai

Create the slide you need in seconds with our generative ai. DesignerBot has built custom presentation structures for you, reworked your copy and even created unique images to use. Now you can also ask DesignerBot to generate custom slides, with visuals and content based on your prompting. Because they are built on Smart Slides, they'll automatically adapt to your theme and additional edits—integrating seamlessly with the rest of your deck.

Ready to try it?
  • Click Add Slide and navigate to DesignerBot's Slide AI
  • Describe the topic of your slide, adding any specific details you want to include.
  • Let DesignerBot do the rest!

Find your team resources faster

As your Team libraries grow, it can be increasingly difficult to find the resources you need. That's why we've added the ability to create custom tags for your Team Assets and Presentation Templates. Enable your team to find and add the right headshot or Sales Deck template in a click.

Give your team the tools they need to get better work done, faster. Learn more about our Team Plan

Quick theme builder

Themes define the look of your presentation—ensuring your presentation is visually consistent and on brand. Our simplified Theme Editor means you can create your theme and get started on your content faster. Just add your colors, fonts and logo and get started building your presentation. You will always have access to the full range of options available in the advanced editor to tweak your font sizes, colors and footer. Save your theme to use again later.

To help you get started even faster, PowerPoint users can now import theme essentials from a PPT file. Select your file and we'll create a theme based on the fonts and colors used in your PowerPoint theme. Import your fonts or replace them with our built-in fonts.

A better version history

We've improved our version history experience to make it easier to find the version you are looking for. Just hover to preview the version and click to apply, or choose to copy that version as a new slide. Collapsed groups makes it easier to sort through a longer history and find the right version quickly.

Rich slide notes

Make presenting a little easier. Now standard formatting options like bold, italic and bullets are available in slide notes.

February 13, 2023

Smarter Text Editing

Meet your new AI-powered writing assistant

Say goodbye to writer’s block. Let DesignerBot rework your copy and inspire a more impactful message, faster.

  • Rewrite. Just select copy and hit rewrite. DesignerBot will craft a new way to phrase your content.
  • Make shorter. When presenting, keeping text to a minimum on a given slide is best practice. Easier said than done. Let DesignerBot summarize your text for you.
  • Make longer. When you need something more, DesignerBot is here for that too. Speed up your workflow by getting your main point down and let DesignerBot elaborate.
  • Change tone. Ensure your content hits the right tone by adjusting it to be friendlier, more assertive or more professional.
  • Custom prompt. But really, DesignerBot is here for all your unique needs. Translate text into another language or ask it to generate new content. Try "Summarize the benefits of using AI to generate content" or "Rewrite in the voice of William Shakespeare"

In other DesignerBot news, we've made improvements to our presentation generator. In addition to being faster, you'll get better results, more slides, and more visual variety.

A smarter text editing experience

You'll notice better performance, display quality, and functionality. To benefit from these updates while editing pre-existing slides, just hit Update Slide to get the latest version.

  • Select multiple text blocks. Copy/paste and change styling across multiple text blocks, drag to rearrange, and even drag into other items or columns.
  • Standardized and more reliable keyboard shortcuts, spellcheck, and support for emojis! 😁
  • Improved language support.
  • Better quality text display, including more accurate kerning, ligatures and hyphenation.
  • Additional block options like equation and code are now available beyond of Classic Slides.
  • Improved fidelity and functionality when converting to Classic and exporting, including the ability to select text in an exported PDF.
  • More control over bullet point and numbered list styling.
  • Lots of pesky text-related bug fixes!

Layouts for right-to-left text

In addition to supporting right-to-left text, we've added the option to create themes that use appropriate layouts. Open your theme editor and turn on RTL text in the typography menu. This feature is currently in beta. We would love to hear what you think and where we can do better. As always, feel free to drop us a note with suggestions and comments in the help center.

Timeline Improvements

Enjoy more flexibility in our Timeline Smart Slide, including control of milestone height and new milestone styles. Choose numbered or bulleted milestones and change icon frame styles. Get the template

Link slides

Storytelling isn't always a straight line. Select any text and in the link menu, choose to add a hyperlink or link to another slide in the deck.