5 Ways Sales Teams Can Leverage AI to Close Deals Faster

Jordan Turner
May 11, 2023
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5 Ways Sales Teams Can Leverage AI to Close Deals Faster5 Ways Sales Teams Can Leverage AI to Close Deals Faster
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There’s no doubt that the AI boom has disrupted the workplace with all the new tools and softwares available at our disposal. Over 80% of the managers that participated in our survey earlier this year anticipate spending resources and budget on AI programs in 2023 to improve their team’s productivity. 

That number tells us that the benefits of artificial intelligence aren’t limited to any one industry or profession. Teams of all shapes and sizes are leveraging the new technology to improve their quality of work while increasing productivity and output. 

Sales teams are integrating AI into their workflows to help win more business with less resources. Here’s how. 

Let AI do your homework on prospects

One of the most tedious parts of the sales process is putting in the time to do research on prospective clients. Before a sales meeting, it’s critical that you do your homework on the who, what, and how of the prospect. However, gone are the days of spending hours scouring the internet for information. Now generative AI can pull information for you with a single text prompt. 

In you can ask DesignerBot to create an entire presentation, or slide, with the company background of your prospect. You might enter a prompt like “design a slide about when Coca-Cola was founded, how big their organization is, and what their value proposition is.”

Rewrite your text to adjust the tone for each audience

A sales pitch isn’t one-size-fits-all and how you talk to one client differs from how you’ll talk to another. Instead of starting each pitch from scratch, sales teams can leverage AI to adjust the voice and tone of their content. For example, if you’re talking to a more corporate audience you can ask the software to make your paragraph sound more professional. Similarly, for a more relaxed meeting you can ask the text to have a conversational tone. 

DesignerBot can rewrite your text, make it shorter or longer, change the tone, or take a custom prompt. The AI is there for all your unique sales needs. You can utilize the custom prompt to translate text into another language or ask it to generate new content.

Create a sales pitch presentation from scratch

Sometimes staring at a blank presentation slide is more daunting than standing in front of a room of prospects with a sales pitch. has a library of prebuilt presentation templates— including a sales proposal— that give you a jumping off point for the design process. But sometimes you need something a little more personalized. Now with DesignerBot’s AI you can create an entire sales pitch presentation from scratch. Simply type in a prompt like “design a sales proposal presentation for a <insert industry> company called <insert company name> pitching to <insert audience> with the use case of <insert use case>. These presentations are totally customizable, and are meant to be a collaborative partner to help with the brainstorming process, cutting out hours of time.

Generate prospecting emails

Generative AI isn’t just limited to documents, images, and presentations. Now softwares can leverage AI to generate emails in seconds. Different capabilities include reworking existing email copy, creating and editing email templates, responding to emails, and unlocking automated email sends and responses. This is helpful for sales teams sending introductory or follow up emails to leads, and gives them time back to focus on their sales pitch. 

Analyze data

With data, account managers can dive deeper into industry trends, growth, and probability which allows them to tailor their efforts to high-value accounts. But pulling reports and analyzing data can be an efficiency killer. Luckily, new AI softwares do the heavy lifting for you. AI analytics will pull the metrics for you, call out trends, relationships, and patterns, and summarize insights. This gives sales teams more opportunity to discover new leads instead of wasting time being hands-to-keyboard analyzing data. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.