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Faster is the New Beautiful: Introducing the 2021 Release

Beautiful.AI Team
January 12, 2021
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Faster is the New Beautiful: Introducing the 2021 ReleaseFaster is the New Beautiful: Introducing the 2021 Release
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"We’ve supercharged the slide builder to work up to 50x faster. Eliminating the lag will make your actions more fluid and your story flow faster,” Jason Lapp, President & COO

When speed meets ease, a new generation of beautiful is born.

The presentation industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important to us that we’re defining the new landscape. Our goal has always been to make the design process more seamless so that you can present something you’re proud of. As such, we take your feedback seriously. We checked in with our power users— the storytellers, team players, presentation enthusiasts— on their favorite features and what makes them game-changers for their business. And after valuable feedback from our over half million users, we are excited to announce a better, faster version of

Instantly faster, endlessly inspiring, and undeniably beautiful. The 2021 release brings a new level of power and ease to editing, sharing, and everything in between. Experience the greatest upgrade to presentations since 

Presenting the next generation of inspiration

It’s time to spark your greatest ideas. Getting started is the hardest part. Gone are the days of staring at a blank presentation slide without any clue how to structure your thoughts. We’ve added tons of inspiration to the 2021 release to quickly get you started, unstuck, and excited to share your presentations.

Start inspired with 10 new themes, updated presentation templates, universal search, an all-new inspiration gallery, and more intuitive controls.

Anuja Kanani, Art Director, loves the template updates. She says, "Having literally dozens of pre-made slides to start from is a game changer. But my favorite part is that the slides actually adapt when you make them your own.” Having these templates in your back pocket is like having your own personal deck designer so you don’t have to be. 

Faster isn’t bragging, it’s beautiful has always been speedy, but it just got even faster. Our 2021 release makes everything from typing to adding icons up to 50x quicker. Now your actions are more fluid, so your stories come to life more effortlessly. 

"We’ve supercharged the slide builder to work up to 50x faster. Eliminating the lag will make your actions more fluid and your story flow faster,” says Jason Lapp, President & COO. 

New updates like the updated ultra desktop, a simpler theme preview, a highly-requested copy/paste shortcut, simpler sharing capabilities, and an added shortcut menu make some of your best work come to life in minutes, not hours. 

Easier is the new beautiful

Ease of use is what draws people to, and we just took it to the next level. We’ve completely streamlined your workspace to make it brighter, cleaner and even easier to use. Instantly get to the tools you use most and see your slides in a whole new light. lead designer, Kahrer Molvig, says, “We used to have hidden features. We’ve brought them out and organized them in an obvious way–design tools on the left, collab tools on the right. You’ll love it.” 

We’ve made updates to the user experience such as a new light background, an updated list view, a better presentation editor, new tool bars, and a slide picker so you can make more impact with less effort.

"We've completely revised our user interface to make it brighter, cleaner and easier to use." Mitch Grasso, Founder, adds.

Log in today and experience the fastest, easiest, most inspiring upgrade to presentations— designed for 2021 and beyond. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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