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How to Evaluate Presentation Effectiveness and ROI

Cassie Ricci
December 1, 2020
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How to Evaluate Presentation Effectiveness and ROIHow to Evaluate Presentation Effectiveness and ROI
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A presentation’s effectiveness is only as good as your audience’s engagement.

Your presentation’s success is non-negotiable. Motivating your audience and reaching your goals requires a break-through presentation, but sinking time and money into designing elaborate decks can decrease efficiency and your ROI before you’ve even presented. Your time is best spent crafting the message you need to share to attain your business goals.

Setting goals and measurable outcomes

Before you can gauge the success of your presentation, you’ll need to outline the information you want your audience to absorb and perfect your call to action. 

First, break your content down into 3 steps:

  1. Spark excitement with an exciting or fun intro that fits your style and aligns with your material.
  2. Present the problem or issue and propose your solution.
  3. Close it out with a strong call to action. Don’t leave your audience guessing how they should feel or what they should do.

You should know what you want your audience to do after your presentation. Consider ways you can track their behavior and set quantifiable goals. You’ll need to set goal behavior(s) and identify the time each action should occur by (ie. 25% of viewers go to your site within 48hrs and/or 10% of viewers make a purchase within 30 days).

Create profitable presentations

A presentation’s effectiveness is only as good as your audience’s engagement. 

Make sure to emphasize visuals while keeping everything as clean and legible as possible. Feel free to sprinkle in a bit of color, movement, or other eye-catching excitement but don’t over-do it. Not a design guru? No problem, don’t be afraid to use a template and customize it as needed! Staring at a blank white slide doesn’t have to be your reality the night before a big presentation. Templates help you and your team get started with less stress so you can focus on the message and delivery of your presentation. 

Additionally, having standard decks ready for your teams to use will allow them to edit slides quickly and create new iterations in a snap. Keep your old slides stored safely on the cloud and revisit them whenever you’d like. Technology allows us to be extremely agile in today’s fast-paced business world. Better organization and access can give your company the advantage it needs to stay ahead of competitors. 

Don’t forget: presentation engagement directly correlates with presentation success and profitability. If you can capture your audience’s attention with the visual interest of your deck and delight them with your content on and off the slides, you will be set up for success.

Why presentation ROI matters

Measuring the value of each presentation is a great way to hone in on what’s working and what needs to be reworked. If a certain strategy isn’t producing the results you want, revamp or restart quickly to minimize your losses. Businesses that are flexible and willing to pivot as needed can thrive even in difficult environments.

Setting goals, tracking your audience, and calculating ROI lets you learn more about your target audience and leverage your business strengths all while minimizing any weaknesses. If you know what works, you can consistently improve your tactics and therefore your presentation, product, company, and teams.

Calculate presentation ROI

Quantifying a presentation’s value may seem impractical but it doesn’t have to be. 

Traditionally, presenters observe their audience and ask them for feedback directly but in today’s digital world a lot of this physical information is lost via video conference calls. You can always try to determine effectiveness by sending out post presentation emails... but how many people are willing to fill out an email survey after sitting through a presentation? Luckily, with current technology and analytics, there are better (and easier) ways to know exactly where and for how long people are viewing your presentations.

Increase returns with successful presentations

Time is money, so the faster you can create beautiful presentations, the more money you can invest back into other aspects of your business. Less time fiddling with misaligned bullet points or finding the perfect stock photo means more time focusing on refining your message and polishing your speech. If you can decrease the time needed to build out solid decks you can reinvest those savings. can cut the time spent building presentations in half without sacrificing professionalism or design quality.

Minimize investment and maximize return with

Tools to track and increase your presentation’s ROI

Save time without missing out on stylish design applies the rules of great design automatically to every presentation. Add content without worrying about having to resize fonts or double-check every slide for design faux pas. Plus you get quick, easy access to libraries full of icons and photographs.

Access presentation views and analytics

With Pro, you have access to an analytic dashboard that lets you easily track who views your presentation, which pages they spend the most time on, what the average completion rate is, and more.

Cloud collaboration and organization

Sending ZIP files and presentations via email is a thing of the past. With storage online, you can work and share with your team in real-time without any hassle.

You can get started here.

Cassie Ricci

Cassie Ricci

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