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Introducing for Mac/Windows (beta)

Diana Christine Bitting
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Introducing for Mac/Windows (beta)Introducing for Mac/Windows (beta)
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Great news out of HQ: Our desktop presenter application is finally here.

Maybe you're stranded on a desert island with a very eager audience of coconuts. Or, perhaps you're presenting at the annual out-of-town meeting and you’re left to rely on unfamiliar WiFi. Either way, our new for Mac/Windows (beta) desktop application allows you to present no matter where work (or life) takes you—with or without internet connectivity.


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The for Mac/Windows desktop application automatically syncs at launch when connected to the Internet. In other words, when you’re on WiFi and open the desktop application, your library will immediately start syncing the latest versions of all your presentations.

YOUR SPEAKER NOTES for Mac/Windows also provides you Presenter View, so you'll have your Speaker Notes and presentation controls handy during your presentation. Please note that your computer will need at least two monitors to do this, as one screen will show your presentation (for your audience) and Presenter View will display on the other.


This first release of for Mac/Windows is for presenting only; there are no editing capabilities. So you must make all changes in your browser, online. Also note that offline video playback is not available at this time (YouTube does not allow it). Other than that, you’re good to go!

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Diana Christine Bitting

Diana Christine Bitting

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