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2023 Wrapped: The Best of

Beautiful.AI Team
December 19, 2023
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2023 Wrapped: The Best of Beautiful.ai2023 Wrapped: The Best of
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We’re constantly inspired by power-users, and the features and tools that make them successful. As a result, we take your feedback very seriously. This year we were busy building new features and improvements to help you tell your story better, and faster.

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our top releases of the year.

AI presentations

Create the slide you need in seconds with our generative AI presentation maker. DesignerBot makes it easier than ever for non-designers to create a new presentation from scratch, regardless of the content. Users can opt to create a new deck or slide with DesignerBot by entering a short description (or prompt) based on what they need. Teams have the liberty to add as many keywords as they see fit to generate a fully built, totally customized presentation draft populated with appropriate text, layouts, photos, icons and design. Because they are built on Smart Slides, they'll automatically adapt to your theme and additional edits—integrating seamlessly with the rest of your deck.

AI-powered writing

Say goodbye to writer’s block. Let our generative AI tool rework your copy and inspire a more impactful message, faster.

Rewrite it. Just select copy and hit rewrite. DesignerBot will craft a new way to phrase your content.

Make it shorter. When presenting, keeping text to a minimum on a given slide is best practice. Easier said than done. Let DesignerBot summarize your text for you.

Make it longer. When you need something more, DesignerBot is here for that too. Speed up your workflow by getting your main point down and let DesignerBot elaborate.

Change the tone. Ensure your content hits the right tone by adjusting it to be friendlier, more assertive or more professional.

Insert a custom prompt. But really, DesignerBot is here for all your unique needs. Translate text into another language or ask it to generate new content. Try "Summarize the benefits of using AI to generate content" or "Rewrite in the voice of William Shakespeare"

Add context

Context is everything, especially as it relates to generative AI. Now you can add additional context along with your prompt for personalized results—relevant to your story.

Enter a prompt for your slide or presentation, then upload a supporting text document, add a URL, or enter text from any source. Our AI will generate content in response to your prompt, using your added context as source material. If you choose not to add a prompt, we'll create slides based on your uploaded content. The beautiful part? Because they are built on Smart Slides, your generated slides will adapt automatically as you work.

Updated image editor

Make an impact with extra creative controls, found in our improved image editor. 

Background remover

Removing a background to an image can help increase focus to a particular person or thing by eliminating any flaws or distractions. It also helps with branding and marketing because designers have more control over creativity with the ability to layer images over their own background colors or textures. 

Adjust opacity

Now you can adjust the opacity of any image in Having control over the opacity can help with the visual impact on the slide. Reducing the opacity is a game changer for improving legibility when layering text over a background for a headline slide. 

Image rotation

An underrated editing capability is image rotation. Sometimes you need your image to flip and rotate vertically, or horizontally, to fit with other elements of the slide. And now you can do both. 

Video bubbles

With video narration, presenters can pre record their perfect pitch—just hit play!

Find this new feature alongside audio recording in the left toolbar of the editor. Add a video bubble, record your presentation and position it on your slide. Send a link to your presentation for your audience to view in their own time, or shake up your presentation with a mix of prerecorded and live narration. A message from the founder? Team updates? Let your audience hear from different voices and subject experts.

If you're looking for creative ways to spice up your next presentation deck, consider using a video bubble. Here are five ways you can incorporate this feature into your presentation.

Data import + linking

Keep your data fresh with data linking. Import data to your chart or table directly from your preferred app and choose to link the slide to the data source. When your source file is updated those changes will automatically be reflected on your linked slide. Import from—or link to—Google Sheets, Dropbox or Box. 

New slide templates

Smart Slide templates are the secret sauce to a more seamless presentation design process, and we’re always looking to add new ones.  

Team Slide templates

Create a library of custom slide templates for your team to start from—with structure, design elements, and key content already in place. Built on Smart Slides, your team can easily customize these for their specific use case. Create slides with as little or as much starter content as you like, so your team can simply add a client logo or emphasize a key point for their intended audience and—done!

Team Librarians and Owners can create new Slide Templates from Team Resource management, or directly from a presentation.

Horizontal bar charts

Horizontal bar charts are easy to read and allow for longer category labels. Best for times when the order of categories isn't necessarily sequential, like survey results or demographics. As with all of our charts, you can easily import data, adjust settings and even switch between chart types. Use color and highlight points to call attention where it's needed—or add a text tray to your slide to summarize the takeaways for your audience. Your chart will automatically resize to accommodate the additional text.

We've also added the option to adjust bar width and spacing for both this and our column chart.

Timeline spans

Our Timeline Smart Slide now includes the option to transform into labeled sections or process arrows. Group milestones into time periods, phases of a project or steps in a process. Guide your audience through each stage of your journey—beginning, middle and end.

Is there something you’re hoping to see in 2024? Let us know at

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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