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New! More Creative Freedom with Images

Jordan Turner
July 6, 2023
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New! More Creative Freedom with ImagesNew! More Creative Freedom with Images
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Using images in a presentation isn’t groundbreaking. Half of the population are visual learners, so including visual assets throughout the deck is a design style that many veteran presenters lean into. Images say what words can’t. Your audience should be able to tell within seconds what message you’re trying to convey with the image you chose. Specifically in presentations where you are trying to keep the text to a minimum, an image can be the difference between a message that hits home or one that falls short.

Using images in a presentation serves multiple purposes. Not only do photos and graphics help break up walls of text and soften complex data, they can also help establish branding. They also help to engage the audience, paint a picture to provide more context about a topic, and complement the overarching story.

We understand the importance of images, and we also realize that companies need the ability to tailor their visual assets to fit each slide. That’s why we’ve made improvements to our image editor and media import, to give teams more creative freedom to tell their story.

Here’s what’s new. 

Updated Image Editor

Make an impact with new creative controls, found in our improved image editor. To get started, double click your image to bring up the blue control bar, then click the palette icon to open the image editor.

Background remover

Removing a background to an image can help increase focus to a particular person or thing by eliminating any flaws or distractions. It also helps with branding and marketing because designers have more control over creativity with the ability to layer images over their own background colors or textures. 

Adjust opacity

Now you can adjust the opacity of any image in Having control over the opacity can help with the visual impact on the slide. Reducing the opacity is a game changer for improving legibility when layering text over a background for a headline slide. 

Image rotation

An underrated editing capability is image rotation. Sometimes you need your image to flip and rotate vertically, or horizontally, to fit with other elements of the slide. And now you can do both. 

New frame devices

Frame devices give your image or video a focal point. They are great for showcasing new products, websites, or standalone images in a unique way. Now you can choose from an updated selection of devices to frame your product shots. Options include the latest versions of popular devices, more options in landscape, and unbranded, illustrated frames.

Media import

Stock images won’t always cut it, and teams need to upload their own branded assets to add visual impact to their deck. To help with efficiency, teams can access their favorite digital asset management app without leaving In addition to Dropbox, teams can now import media from Google Drive, Box and Bynder.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.