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Your Favorite Presentation Maker Just Got Faster And Easier

Jordan Turner
January 22, 2021
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Your Favorite Presentation Maker Just Got Faster And EasierYour Favorite Presentation Maker Just Got Faster And Easier
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“We've completely revised our user interface to make it brighter, cleaner, and easier to use,” -Mitch Grasso, Founder and CEO

Faster isn’t bragging— it’s beautiful.

We’ve all been there: 6 hours deep in the presentation design process the night before a big meeting. Talk about a time suck. When you don’t have the design skills or the right tools to support your work, creating a presentation from scratch can be grueling. The hours leading up to your presentation should be spent refining your message and practicing your narrative, not aligning text boxes. is the presentation maker that allows you to create professional presentations in minutes, not hours. We’re your best kept secret— and it just got better. has always been the fastest online presentation maker. But our 2021 release makes everything from typing to adding icons up to 50x faster. Now your actions are more fluid so your stories come together quicker, and easier than before. It’s the update you never knew you needed, but you can’t live without.

These five new features bring your ideas to life in half the time with double the ease. 

Supercharged slide builder

Do it all in no time. We know that time is money, and it’s important to us to eliminate all things that kill efficiency. Removing lag and decreasing load time allows your thoughts to flow more seamlessly. Our new slide builder features a software update so that you can see your content come to life on the screen instantaneously. Jason Lapp, President and COO, says, “We’ve supercharged the slide builder to work up to 50x faster. Eliminating the lag will make your actions more fluid and your story flow faster.”

New theme preview

See how slides look in your theme with just a click. With this new feature you don’t have to commit to a theme without knowing it looks good. Jill Callan, CMO, explains, “This is big. Now you can see how slides look in your theme before you choose one. Settings, colors… everything adapts instantaneously. What a time saver.”

New shortcuts

The new mini menu gives you the superpowers you’ve been looking for. Now you can easily navigate the presentation tools and settings without leaving the page you’re on. Talk about an efficiency booster. “The ability to collaborate and share is now everywhere. You’re not going through a bunch of clicks and screens anymore. This will make it way easier for teams to get s*** done.” Kahrer Molvig, lead designer, says of the update. 

In this update we also created an easier copy and paste shortcut so that you can copy from one slide and paste it on the same spot on another slide. This keeps things like elements consistent and proportionate across all slides, and shaves hours off design time. 

Simpler sharing capabilities 

Sharing is caring. And everywhere. We moved the share button so that you don’t have to leave your deck to send a link, it’s now more easily accessible. Our simpler sharing capabilities will make collaboration seamless and presentation design more efficient. 

Jason Lapp adds, "This is all about scaling. Your team is going to accumulate presentations quickly. Now you have shortcuts to share them from whatever screen you're in."

An updated user interface

Easier is the new beautiful. Instantly get to the tools you use most and see your slides in a whole new light. “We've completely revised our user interface to make it brighter, cleaner and easier to use,” says Mitch Grasso, founder and CEO. 

We’ve made updates to the user experience such as a new light background, an updated list view, a better presentation editor, new toolbars, and a slide picker so you can make a bigger impact with less effort. “We used to have hidden features. We’ve brought them out and organized them in an obvious way–design tools on the left, collab tools on the right. You’ll love it,” Kahrer Molvig adds. 

The updated list view gives you a much better high level view of your presentations so you can quickly search and sort them. Once you’re in a deck, it’s easier than ever to navigate with our new toolbars. Clean design is a beautiful thing! Many of our upgrades are about discoverability— how easy and intuitive it is to find the tools you need. We made it faster and easier for you to edit your presentation so that you have more room to focus on what’s important— your story. 

Log in today and experience the fastest, easiest, most inspiring upgrade to the best presentation software— designed for 2021 and beyond. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.