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Introducing The Education Plan

Jordan Turner
August 10, 2021
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Introducing The Education PlanIntroducing The Education Plan
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"We believe in the combined power of design and education and, when put in the hands of students, the creative and intellectual possibilities are endless." - Mitch Grasso, Founder and CEO

Students are the future of presentations. They may not understand the weight behind a pitch deck just yet, but they will. In three to five years students will be embarking on their careers, starting their own businesses, or furthering their education, and presentations will be an integral part of their day-to-day tasks. It’s important to set them up with the tools they need now, so they can be successful later. That’s why we’re making presentations, and education, more accessible for students anywhere, anytime.

As universities and colleges prepare for the upcoming fall semester, we’re excited to announce the new Education Plan.  

New! Education Plan

Design and education should be accessible to everyone, so we’re offering students a free annual Pro subscription to carry them through their school year(s). All students have to do is verify their .edu email account and we’ll send a confirmation email with a custom coupon code. is the only presentation tool students need to help them create A-worthy decks. From curriculum lessons and class projects to final thesis presentations, is the secret weapon for teachers and students alike. It helps facilitate better communication, improved design skills, and collaboration among classmates and instructors.  

"We believe in the combined power of design and education and, when put in the hands of students, the creative and intellectual possibilities are endless," said Mitch Grasso, founder and CEO of "Students already have a lot to worry about on a day-to-day basis. Presentations shouldn't be one of them. By providing students with the free Pro version of, we hope to give time back to students to understand the material they're covering rather than worry about the design."

The Education Plan allows students to ​​get a jumpstart on academic research, homework, or a thesis presentation with pre-built templates crafted by academic experts. By using they can focus on their class content instead of worrying about fidgeting with layouts and aligning text boxes. The ease of use will take students to the top of their class by helping them scale their projects and class assignments.

Working in a virtual group? No problem. Our advanced collaboration tools let you invite classmates with one click. Everything’s on the cloud, so everyone’s always working on the same deck, in real time.’s Education Plan makes group projects and class assignments more streamlined and stress-free. 

Helping students succeed

The Education Plan is just a small part of our efforts to help students succeed. We also offer a scholarship program where students have the opportunity to win a $2500 scholarship each spring and fall semester to apply to their education. The Power to Present Scholarship was created to make schooling more accessible for students and to encourage those interested in communications, visual storytelling, presentations, and design to pursue their goals. The scholarship is not based on degree and is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students across the United States. Learn more about the Power to Present Scholarship here

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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