Introducing The PowerPoint Add-in on Product Hunt

Beautiful.AI Team
August 30, 2022
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Introducing The PowerPoint Add-in on Product HuntIntroducing The PowerPoint Add-in on Product Hunt
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If you work in the tech industry, you might have heard of Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a social-driven forum where people can discover and share new products. When a new product is posted on the forum, it’s listed in a linear format for people to find, engage with, and learn more about. Similar to Reddit, a new post can be commented and voted on to increase community engagement. 

With hundreds and thousands of new tech companies sprouting each year, there are an abundance of tools, services and products hitting the market. Product Hunt gives teams and businesses the opportunity to see what products are out there and identify which would benefit them as a company. Similarly, the platform is a great way for startups to market their own products for discoverability among like minded teams or individuals. 

Businesses in the tech space see the benefit of using Product Hunt as a way to communicate with new and existing customers. In fact, as of a few years ago the website was reported to be responsible for the discovery of over 100 million products across 50,000 companies.

Check out Product Hunt here and see what the hype is all about.

We’re launching on Product Hunt

We’re excited to launch our new PowerPoint Add-in on Product Hunt next week.

In case you missed it, our new Add-in allows you to build slides right in your PowerPoint workflow. This means you get the Smart Slide technology— that takes on the burden of the design for you— without ever having to leave the PowerPoint platform. It’s a great tool to help non-designers master their PowerPoint presentations. 

While we’ve launched on Product Hunt before, we’ve made notable improvements and updates to our product. The PowerPoint Add-in is a major update that we think the Product Hunt community could benefit from. Next week we will be promoting our new Add-in on the Product Hunt website to encourage tech enthusiasts and small-medium businesses to explore the new tool.

Let’s be friends

If you’re reading this, you know and love So, let’s be friends. You can keep up with our new product launches by creating a profile on Product Hunt and following along with us on the platform. 

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Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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