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New! Add More Context To AI Presentations With DesignerBot

Jordan Turner
August 4, 2023
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New! Add More Context To AI Presentations With DesignerBotNew! Add More Context To AI Presentations With DesignerBot
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Artificial intelligence is brilliant, and it’s no surprise that it’s changing the way people work. But AI without context can only get you so far, and oftentimes it lacks the originality and accuracy that human creativity brings to the table. 

Technology is always changing, and DesignerBot was built to be adaptable. When we released our first DesignerBot feature earlier this year we were laying down the foundation for more. It was just the beginning of AI-powered presentations in, and we’ve been doing the work to make it more accurate, more customizable, and more intelligent. This generation of DesignerBot’s AI gives you more control of the presentation. 

AI's newest flex in your workflow is here. 

New! Add context to your DesignerBot prompt with documents, text, and URLs

Generative AI was smart before, but imagine generative AI that takes the lead from your own unique ideas and data. We’re excited to introduce DesignerBot’s newest upgrade: context. 

Add context to your prompt and create smart decks catered to your business, in less time. Now you can transform any long form text, pdf, or website URL into stunning visual stories, instantly. It’s AI that works for you.’s Chief Technology Officer, Mitch Grasso, explains, “The emergence of generative AI is nothing short of amazing and its breadth of knowledge is expansive. But because it often doesn’t know or understand the details about you or your business, it’s usefulness can be limited.’s new context features now allow you to provide additional documents, web pages, and text to help train the AI with your information - so it can generate beautiful presentations and content that is specific to your ideas, data, and work in just a few seconds.” 

This new feature gives teams the power back to manipulate the AI results to better fit their story. It’s the perfect workflow solution for transforming Sales, HR, and Marketing materials into visually stunning decks without creating a bottleneck. Teams can use our new DesignerBot feature to turn text-heavy documents such as news articles, marketing plans, research papers, onboarding guides, training manuals and more into easily digestible slides. Businesses can leverage the power of DesignerBot to shape specific ideas into meaningful presentations, faster. This tool unlocks a more efficient, and effective, way to create AI presentations. 

Your context, our AI. Let's do this. 

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your AI presentations? We thought so. But how exactly can you go from messy documents to beautiful presentations? It’s easy.

Generate your next AI presentation with your context as the north star. Here’s how. 

  1. Create a new presentation
  2. Select “DesignerBot AI”
  3. Write a prompt based on the presentation you’re looking for
  4. Include additional context with your prompt by adding a document, text or web page URL
  5. Click “generate presentation”
  6. Watch DesignerBot generate a complete outline from your prompt, intelligently summarizing your content into beautifully designed slides

Add more context to your DesignerBot prompt (Beta) for free today. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.

AI's newest flex in your workflow is here.
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