Quick Tips for Faster Sales Material Approvals

Isabelle Nicole
June 28, 2024
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Quick Tips for Faster Sales Material ApprovalsQuick Tips for Faster Sales Material Approvals
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Blockers are every self-sufficient employee's nightmare. For the sales associate, it can be the difference between landing a deal or losing one.

Keep your sales materials out of a slow approvals process with, an AI presentation design tool that ensures your sales materials stand out while complying with your style guide. 

Marketing and design directors are often caught in a tug-of-war between empowering their sales teams to be self-sufficient and maintaining brand integrity. Let's explore practical strategies that can harmonize these efforts and streamline your process.

In this blog, we'll cover:

  • How to leverage automation for more efficient material approvals
  • Techniques for enhancing cross-departmental collaboration
  • Tips for embedding brand consistency across sales presentations

Embracing automation for swift revisions

Automation tools are game changers in speeding up the approval process. By automating routine checks and balances, teams can focus on strategic tasks rather than be bogged down by minor revisions. For instance, integrating a system that automatically flags content that deviates from core brand elements like logos and color schemes can save countless hours. Automation ensures sales materials are pre-vetted for compliance before the review stage.

Fostering collaboration across teams

Cross-departmental collaboration is essential, especially when it involves teams that frequently handle brand materials, such as marketing and sales. Tools allowing real-time feedback and simultaneous editing can significantly reduce approval times. Imagine a platform where changes made by the sales team can be instantly viewed and approved by the marketing director, facilitating a smoother workflow and faster turnaround.

Training and consistency: the dynamic duo

Consistency in brand messaging is crucial, yet it remains one of the sticky points between marketing and sales teams. Regular training sessions help ensure everyone understands the importance of brand guidelines. Moreover, creating standardized templates tailored for different sales scenarios can empower the sales team while keeping the presentations on brand. By providing these tools, you simultaneously address the autonomy sales teams crave and the control marketing needs.

Streamlining presentation tools to boost efficiency

It's time to rethink how your teams use presentation tools. Employees often need help with cumbersome interfaces that hinder rather than help the creative process. Opting for more intuitive, user-friendly platforms can facilitate smoother creation, modification, and approval of sales materials. When sales teams can easily navigate and customize presentations without constant oversight, they can address client needs more swiftly and effectively.

Regular updates and centralized control

Keep your sales materials fresh and up-to-date with centralized content management systems. These platforms allow marketing directors to push updates across all presentations, ensuring all team members have the most current information and assets, such as market data or new case studies. This centralized approach minimizes inconsistencies and maintains brand integrity across all materials.

What if I prefer manual control over automated processes?

While manual control gives you complete command, it's also time-consuming. Automation does not replace your decision-making but supports it by handling repetitive tasks, letting you focus on more critical strategic decisions.

Can automation really replicate the quality my team demands?

Absolutely! Today's automated systems are sophisticated enough to follow detailed instructions about branding and layout. They're designed to meet high-quality standards, ensuring all materials reflect your brand's excellence.

How do I justify the budget for new tools?

Consider the time saved and the increase in productivity when advocating for new tools. Efficient tools reduce lengthy approval processes and rework, which means faster campaign launches and a better ROI.

Empower your sales teams with

Reflecting on these strategies, the mutual goal is clear: empower sales teams with the necessary tools while keeping a vigilant eye on brand consistency. By integrating smart technologies, fostering open communication, and maintaining a steady hand on the brand's visual identity, leadership can ensure that every piece of sales material magnifies the brand's message–leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle is a freelance content writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.