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6 Slides That Can Help You Nail Your Next Sales Demo

Isabelle Nicole
June 11, 2024
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6 Slides That Can Help You Nail Your Next Sales Demo 6 Slides That Can Help You Nail Your Next Sales Demo
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How are your sales associates crafting their sales demo presentations, and is it as efficient and brand-conforming as possible? By leveraging's AI slide templates, sales teams can produce polished and persuasive demo presentations that consistently align with brand standards. 

This blog will explore how's Smart Slides empower sales teams to create flawless product demos, ensuring each presentation is a powerful and personalized tool for closing deals and driving success.

FORM reported a 75% faster turnaround in creating sales collateral using This efficiency gain accelerates the sales cycle and helps your team create better presentations. Here are some Slides that will help your sales team work smarter, not harder, when leading a customer through a demo. 

The Laptop Slide: product showcasing

The Laptop Slide template is perfect for showcasing your product in a professional and visually appealing manner. By embedding screenshots within the laptop frame, you can highlight key features of your product that will capture your audience’s attention. This template is ideal for sales teams looking to demonstrate their digital solutions or software applications.

For instance, you can use the Laptop Slide to display a live demo of your app’s user interface, illustrating its ease of use and unique functionality. Sales teams can also include before-and-after screenshots to emphasize product improvements or new features. This approach not only makes your presentation more engaging but also helps to visually communicate the product’s value to potential clients, making your sales pitch more compelling and effective.

The Full Video Slide: dynamic demonstrations

The Full Video Slide allows you to incorporate dynamic video content directly into your sales presentations. This template is particularly useful for demonstrating product functionalities, showcasing customer testimonials, or delivering compelling brand stories in a format that engages and captivates.

A video can walk potential clients through a new feature, highlighting its benefits in real-time. This approach can make complex information more digestible and engaging. The visual and auditory elements of video content can create a more immersive experience, making your sales narrative not only more persuasive but also more memorable. 

Data Comparison Slide: visualize your edge

The Data Comparison Slide is essential for highlighting how your product or service stands out against competitors. This slide allows you to present critical data points side by side, making it easier for your audience to grasp the competitive advantages your offering provides.

Use this slide in your demo to compare features, pricing, or performance metrics. With data comparison, sales teams can illustrate how their solution reduces costs, increases efficiency, or provides better ROI compared to competitors. 

Contact Slide: always be within reach

The Contact Slide brings in essential contact information, which allows for connection and trust with your audience. Use this slide to highlight yourself or key members of the team and important follow up info. 

Additionally, including a clear call-to-action on the Contact Slide—such as scheduling a demo or a follow-up call—can guide your prospects on the next steps to take. This not only simplifies the process for your audience but also increases the likelihood of converting interest into action, thereby enhancing your sales effectiveness.

Webview Slide: real-time relevance

The Webview Slide integrates live web content directly into your sales demo presentations. This feature allows you to display live web pages, making your sales or product demo more interactive and up-to-date.

Sales teams can use the Webview Slide to showcase their website, online tools, or even live product updates in real time. For instance, you could navigate through your e-commerce site, demonstrating its user-friendly design and seamless transaction process. This real-time interaction provides a dynamic way to engage with your audience, offering a live demonstration that static slides simply can't match.

Furthermore, the ability to show the latest updates or real-time data ensures your presentation is always relevant and current. This approach can impress prospects by demonstrating your commitment to transparency and innovation, ultimately strengthening your sales narrative and enhancing your overall pitch effectiveness.

Funnel Slide: lead your audience

The Funnel Slide is designed to guide your audience through your sales process in a clear and structured way. This template is perfect for illustrating the different stages of your sales funnel, from initial contact to onboarding.

Sales teams can leverage the Funnel Slide to break down complex sales processes or onboarding flows into manageable steps. For example, you can use this slide to visually represent how leads are nurtured through various stages—awareness, interest, decision, and action. By clearly mapping out the journey, you can lead your audience toward a deeper understanding and appreciation of your sales methodology, ultimately driving greater engagement and buy-in.

Using slide templates to close your deal

Sealing the deal often hinges on one critical element: the product-led demo. It's your golden moment to showcase not just what your product can do, but how it can transform your prospects' businesses. A well-executed demo can be the decisive factor that converts interest into commitment.

Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Show, don’t just tell: Utilize dynamic slides like the Laptop Slide and Full Video Slide to bring your product to life. Show real-time functionality, user interfaces, and engaging demo videos that highlight your product’s unique features and benefits.
  • Connect data with impact: Use the Data Comparison Slide to back up your claims with solid data. Demonstrate how your product outperforms competitors, providing clear, visual insights that underscore your value proposition.
  • Personal touch: The Contact Slide isn’t just about providing information; it’s about making a genuine connection. Introduce your team, share their expertise, and include a call-to-action that guides your prospects on the next steps.
  • Real-time engagement: Leverage the Webview Slide to integrate live web content directly into your presentation. Show live product updates, navigate through your website, or demo an online tool in real-time. This keeps your presentation fresh, interactive, and highly relevant.
  • Structured guidance: Guide your audience through your sales funnel with the Funnel Slide. Break down your sales process into clear, manageable steps, and highlight key onboarding tips at each stage to provide a detailed roadmap of how to engage with the product.
Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle is a freelance content writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

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