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Do you need to demo your product, show off your website, or display a live poll? Our new webview Smart Slide template is your friend. The new template allows you to embed webpages on your slide without having to worry about pixelated screenshots or outdated content. This is huge for product and design teams who need to showcase their work in a more interactive way

Now, you can easily customize and add a webview template to your next presentation.

Use a webview template to:

  • Demo a new product or feature
  • Showcase a new web page design
  • Display a live poll to a webinar or conference

Pro Tips for Creating a Webview Template

Follow these tips when building out your own webview template.

Be clear about what’s on your screen

Utilize the header to provide context to what you’re showing in the webview template.

Make it your own

Customize the template to make it your own. Showcase website page prototypes, share interactive user experiences, or display inspiration from anywhere on the internet for an upcoming project. 

Explain how viewers can interact with the page

If your embed is interactive, you can include some explanatory copy so your audience knows that's the case and what to do.

Choose full-bleed for impact

Make the webpage full-bleed on your screen for bigger visual impact. You can also adjust the slide background color to make the webview pop.

Create This Template


Simply paste the URL of your web page directly from your browser to your slide, and the slide will pull in all of the details for you.


Adjust the scale of the webview on your slide with just one click zooming in or out.

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