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Data Comparison Slide Template

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For a visually interesting twist on a plain bar chart, add a data comparison slide to your presentation. Our data comparison template is similar to a bar graph, using bars of varying lengths to display measured data. The data comparison template, however, displays percentages instead of exact numbers. One of the best things about using our data comparison slide? You can customize it for your presentation. Create a horizontal or vertical slide, remove or add grid lines, play with its design, and more.

Use’s data comparison slide to:

  • Track data changes
  • Point out trends or patterns
  • Show data in percentages

Pro Tips for a Data Comparison Slide

A compare data slide template can make a big difference for your next presentation, if you follow these tips.

Make your percentages stand out

The percentage displayed for each bar is the focal point of your data comparison template. Make each percentage stand out with large fonts and bold colors.

Keep it simple

Too many colors, labels, and different fonts crowd your data comparison slide, so keep it minimal.

Check your math

You can add multiple bars, even cutting each bar into different sections, to display all your data. Just make sure your math is correct and your numbers are accurate.

Play with placement and direction

Your graph doesn’t have to be vertical. To display long data labels, for example, you can tip your data comparison chart sideways so it’s horizontal, making it easier to read.

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Turn your data comparison slide into a horizontal or vertical bar, pictograph or radial bar slide —all with the click of a button.


Highlight important data points, show change in value, add notes and milestones.

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