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The 4 Templates To Help Students Succeed

Beautiful.AI Team
February 4, 2022
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The 4 Templates To Help Students SucceedThe 4 Templates To Help Students Succeed
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The last thing students want to do is create a presentation when they could be binging Netflix or hanging with their friends in the quad. But like it or not it’s a common requirement in most upper-level courses. Regardless of whether they’re in their undergraduate classes, or pursuing a masters degree, we’d be willing to bet most students have been assigned a presentation or two. Presentations are common for group projects, presenting research, creating a lesson plan or class syllabus, thesis defense or dissertations, and more. 

Luckily, students don’t have to start from scratch to create A-worthy presentations. has a series of pre-built presentation templates created exclusively to help students be more successful. Here are the 4 presentation templates that every student needs. 

Research Project Template

Crafting the perfect research project proposal doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. With’s research project template, your vision can come to life in just minutes. Fully customizable and professionally designed, this project template can help you create an impressive research presentation that’s succinct and sleek. Whether you’re presenting a research project for academic or professional purposes, you can use these pre-built slides to showcase findings in a number of ways – pie charts, bar graphs, area charts, analyses, and more. All you have to do is input your data! Our research project template can also help you summarize your research project proposal in an easy-to-read, digestible format, provide status updates or quarterly results from research projects, or create a POV or proposal to win new work.

PhD Defense Template

You’ve done the hard work to prepare your PhD dissertation, and now there’s only one step left: your defense. And has the perfect presentation template to help you along the way. These customizable template slides have all the basic elements of a PhD defense presentation, including an abstract, methodology, research findings, executive summary, and more. The result? A streamlined presentation that’s as professional as it is impressive. All with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our PhD defense template can also help you customize your PhD presentation for different audiences, synthesize months of academic work into a concise presentation, and successfully defend your PhD thesis to your panel.

Lesson Plan Template

Creating a lesson plan can be tedious, but it shouldn’t take longer than the actual class you’re teaching. Round out your lesson plan in half the time with’s lesson plan template. Our customizable template has all the basics like lesson topic and overview, objectives, outcomes, activities, and materials required. An organized lesson plan can help both instructors and students understand what the upcoming course will entail and all of the things required from them in order to be successful. Our lesson plan template can also help you customize your lesson plan presentation for different audiences, act as a take-away resource that audiences can reference throughout the semester, or can be used to outline a class syllabus. 

Master Thesis Defense

You’ve finally reached the end of your masters program, but you’re not done quite yet. Similar to a PhD defense, a master thesis marks the end of your time in the program. A master thesis is a compilation of research and findings that outline what you have learned in the graduate program, and they often warrant a presentation. Our customizable master thesis template has all the necessary elements to prove your knowledge, including a literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, and a final conclusion. The final product? A thoughtful presentation that is sure to wow your professors, audience panel, or classmates. The master thesis defense template can also help you customize your master thesis defense for different audiences, gather months of research and studies into a concise presentation, and successfully showcase what you learned to wrap up your graduate program.

Each presentation template is fully customizable so that students can add their own personal flare without having to stare at a blank canvas for hours on end. Simply select the template that is best for your class— or project— and plug and play with your own content. Our Smart Slides will adapt using the best principles of design from the professionals so everything always looks professional and deliberate. Try it today— students even get a year for free with a valid EDU email address. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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