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Research Project Template

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Crafting the perfect research project proposal doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. With’s research project template, your vision can come to life in just minutes. 

Fully customizable and professionally designed, this project template can help you create an impressive research presentation that’s succinct and sleek. Whether you’re presenting a research project for academic or professional purposes, you can use these pre-built slides to showcase findings in a number of ways – pie charts, bar graphs, area charts, analyses, and more. All you have to do is input your data! 

Our research project template can also help you:

  • Summarize your research project proposal in an easy-to-read, digestible format
  • Provide status updates or quarterly results from research projects 
  • Create a POV or proposal to win new work

Use this research project proposal template to create an effective presentation

Developing a research project proposal can require the use of several slides – each crucial to the story you’re telling. If your research project presentation requires more data or content, you can simply add them from our entire library of customizable slides to fit your needs. This template includes 12 designed research project slides to help you create a presentation that’s unique to your work.

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Pro tips to create a strong research project template

Ready to bring your research project to life with this template? Here are some tips to consider.

Keep it simple

Although research projects involve a lot of in-depth data and content, the presentation should be kept simple, clear, and easy to read.

Strike a balance

Don’t overwhelm your audience with data. Try to break it up with more content-driven slides like key takeaways, executive summaries, and high-level overviews.

Color consistency

Using different types of charts is a great way to present findings in a non-repetitive way. However, if you’re showing the same types of data, ensure the assigned colors for each category are consistent throughout.

Incorporate additional imagery

Looking at and reading multiple charts can potentially wear your audience out. Mix additional imagery throughout your presentation, like photos, graphics, and icons.