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Social Media Strategy Presentation

Use This Template

Your social media strategy has many moving parts: background research, campaign goals, task lists, deliverables, and more. That’s why your social media strategy presentation has to be comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand.

A customizable, intuitive social media strategy deck template can relieve some of the stress of building your own presentation, allowing you to focus on sharing important information with your social media team. 

Use a social media strategy presentation template to:

  • Present research, goals, and strategies to executives
  • Keep social media team members informed
  • Check in on social media campaign progress and deliverables

Create a stunning Social Media Strategy Presentation

Every slide in your social media strategy presentation template fills an important role, so choose them carefully. While putting together your social media strategy deck slides, think about adding graphs, comparison charts, timelines, or a SWOT analysis to make your points visually. Some potential slides to include are:

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Pro tips for your Social Media Strategy Deck Template

Consider these tips when creating your social media strategy deck.

Check that your presentation flows naturally

A good rule of thumb for your social media presentation: provide an overview before diving into the details. This kind of structure may help your slides connect and flow naturally.

Use eye catching graphics

Charts, graphs, timelines, diagrams, and other graphics can transform your social media strategy presentation into a memorable, meaningful one.

Leave breaks for Q&A

Think about including pauses or breaks for Q&A into your social media strategy presentation.

Keep the slides clean

Limit one idea or one topic to one slide. Overcrowding each slide makes it harder for your audience to absorb and remember the information, as well as execute on it.