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Creative Portfolio Template

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As a creative professional, you need a creative portfolio that does it all: a resume that helps you stand out from the crowd, highlights your best work, and shows off your educational background or technical skills. First impressions are vital and an eye-catching portfolio that shows off your best work is sure to have a positive impact.

With our creative portfolio template, you can spotlight your work and skills, as well as show off your creative style. You’ll impress potential clients and employers with a readable, eye-catching creative portfolio that’s easy to customize. 

Use our creative portfolio template to:

  • Showcase your past work
  • Highlight your professional skills
  • Connect with potential clients

Make a great first impression with your creative portfolio presentation

Highlight your work, skills, and personality with a well-designed creative portfolio. Some potential slides to include in your creative portfolio presentation are:

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Tips for Customizing Your Creative Portfolio Template

To make the most out of your creative portfolio template, try the following tips.

Give your work context

Your work looks great, but did it meet the needs of the client? Explain what the project goal was and how you fulfilled it in a short text caption.

Keep it brief

Your portfolio doesn’t have to include every project you’ve ever completed. Make it easy for clients and employers by keeping it brief and showcasing only your best work.

Proofread it several times

Before showing off your completed creative portfolio template to an employer or client, proofread it again and again for spelling and grammatical errors. Have someone else proofread it, too.

Don’t forget your contact info

Someone who is looking at your portfolio will most likely want to contact you. Don’t forget to leave your email address or phone number in your presentation.