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Social Media Report Template

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A social media report is an essential tool for social media strategists and digital marketers. You’re used to making sense of the numbers and metrics, but you need a way to explain it all in simple terms to other audiences. 

That’s where a social media report template can help. A social media report not only shows how your social media campaigns performed, it shows how that performance relates to bigger company goals, like boosting site traffic or product sales. 

Use our social media report template to:

  • Track company growth on social media
  • Present findings to your team, management, or clients
  • Guide future strategies and goals

A Social Media Report Example

Each slide in your social media report template shares key data about your campaign performance, target audience, and goals. To illustrate the points you make in your presentation, consider adding graphics such as line charts, bullet lists, pie graphs, or timelines. Each of these is available with your social media reporting template and can be added with just one click. Use our social media report example as a guide for which slides to include:

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Pro Tips for Using a Social Media Report Template

Our social media reporting template is easy to customize with these tips in mind.

Think about your marketing goals

It can be overwhelming figuring out what data to present. Use your goals to decide what analytics to include in your report.

Go easy on the numbers

Talk numbers too much and your audience will likely lose interest. Keep numbers minimal and use them to draw conclusions or tell stories.

Sum up your findings at the end

Tie your presentation together neatly at the end with a key takeaways slide. Talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what you learned for the future.

Remember your audience

You should also tailor your report according to your audience. A report for your team might focus on the finer marketing details, while a report for management is more focused on the numbers.