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Startup Pitch Deck

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A pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool, whether you’re looking to raise $100,000 or $100,000,000. Every startup needs a great pitch deck that talks about their mission, business plan, and company overview. Whether you’re searching for seed funding, growing your company to meet demand, or starting to develop new products, a startup pitch deck will help you reach your funding goals. 

Our startup pitch deck template can help you tell your story and:

  • Secure seed funding 
  • Raise Series A, B, and C funding
  • Act as a visual aid to guide your story

Build a Stunning Startup Pitch Deck

Every slide in your startup pitch deck has an important purpose. Photos, graphs, charts, diagrams, and sales funnels will make your presentation memorable and engaging. Some potential slides to include in your presentation are:

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Tips for building your Startup Pitch Deck

Consider the tips below when creating your startup pitch deck.

Create different pitch decks

One pitch deck for in-person presentations will rely mainly on visuals, while an email version can help give your presentation more context with text.

Be brief and concise

A pitch deck should be clear, compelling, and straightforward. About 10 to 20 slides should be enough to hit all the key points.

Make it visual and on-brand

Investors want to get a feel for the company and the energy behind your team and your offers. Don’t be afraid to show personality with graphics, visuals, and brand colors/fonts to show just how much your startup stands out.

Leave investors wanting more

Your startup pitch deck should spark interest, leaving investors hungry for more information about your company. Don’t give away too much in your presentation.