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Marketing Communication Plan Template

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A marketing communication plan can help your team strategize to reach your target market through various communication efforts. has the presentation template you need to help you simplify your plan and get support from upper-management.  

A marketing communication plan can help you with brand and customer alignment to achieve your business goals. It encompasses your message (what you will say), your medium (the platforms in which you’ll say it), and your audience (who you’re trying to reach). These customizable template slides have all the key elements of a marketing communication plan presentation, including mission statement, business plan, audience personas, and key objectives. 

Our marketing communication plan template can also help you:

  • Identify market opportunities and audience personas
  • Track progress for campaigns and events
  • Keep stakeholders informed

Use our template to create an effective marketing communication plan presentation

Your marketing communication plan presentation is crucial for your overarching marketing strategy. If you need to identify market opportunities or set metrics to track the success of campaigns, you can quickly bring your visions to life with everything you need to create an effective presentation. Include slides such as:

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How to create your own effective marketing communication plan

Keep these tips in mind when creating your marketing communication plan presentation:

Consider Your Goal

Give your marketing communication plan direction by answering the question, “What’s your goal for developing a marketing communication plan?” Don’t take away from that purpose with unnecessary slides.

Take advantage of visuals

Sure, it’s a marketing communication plan but that doesn’t mean your slides should be overly text-heavy. Use icons or images to highlight key takeaways and make your presentation more engaging.

Check The Flow

Does your marketing communication plan presentation flow well? Start with your business objectives, end with a solution, and round out the middle with the rest of your story.

Remember your audience

Tweak your marketing communication plan template according to your audience. Stakeholders and executives will probably want to focus on ROI and goals, while direct team members will want to know the timeline and deliverables.