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Series A Presentation

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When you run a startup with the latest and greatest new idea, you need funding. To get funding, you need to prove to investors that your business is worth supporting. Raising money for your startup is challenging at any stage, from seed funding to Series A, B, and C funding. Series A financing allows start-up companies to expand their operations, hire more staff, buy equipment and pursue its growth objectives. Use our Series A presentation to make sure you get the funding you need.

Our Series A presentation can:

  • Delve into your startup idea
  • Explain how you’ll monetize your business 
  • Share market data to support your plan

Create a stunning Series-A presentation template

Every slide in your Series A presentation should share important data with your investors. To drive your point home, images, Venn diagrams, graphs, charts, and sales funnels are all easily added to your presentation using our tool. Potential slides to include are:

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Tips for creating a perfect Series-A presentation

Here are some tips to consider when creating a Series A presentation.

Tell an engaging story

Your presentation should unfold in a story that keeps your audience engaged. The order of your slides impacts the ultimate outcome and whether or not your audience is persuaded at the end of your presentation.

Limit one idea to one slide

Too much information packed into one slide can be overwhelming. Talk about one idea per slide so your audience doesn’t get lost.

Use a consistent design

You want your entire presentation to look cohesive to give investors a feel for your brand. Keep fonts, colors, and graphic styles consistent across all slides.

Keep it short

Anticipate what your investors need to know and hit those key points up front. If your presentation is too long, you’ll start to lose your audience’s attention (and money).