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Sales Projection Presentation Template

Use This Template

A sales projection is the amount of revenue your business expects to earn in the future. Also called a sales forecast or a business forecast, a sales projection gives you insight into the short-term and long-term health of the company. A set of sales projection slides is essential for sharing the results of your calculations companywide. 

Use the sales projection presentation template to:

  • Analyze the health of the company
  • Compare projections to past sales numbers
  • Inform company operations

Build your Sales Projection Slides

Sales projections involve a lot of numbers. Share that data in compelling, easy to read graphics like Venn diagrams, bar graphs, charts, and sales funnels, which are easy to add with’s presentation tool. Each slide in your sales projection presentation template shares important information with your audience. Some potential slides to include are:

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Pro Tips for Sales Projection Slides

Make the most of our sales projection presentation template with these tips.

Take advantage of past data

To create the most accurate sales forecasts, look to your past sales, revenue, or industry data.

Don’t neglect your sales projections

Your sales projection slides are helpful for making business decisions. Review and revise them regularly.

Use the right units

If you’re not sure how to measure your data, split your products or services into categories, and divide those categories into subcategories. These are your measurable units.

Use multiple sales projections

Smaller businesses should run individual sales projections for all their products or services. One overall sales projection doesn’t accurately represent the state of the business.