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Training Presentation Example

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Are you training a team of new recruits to your company? Or delivering a webinar on a topic in your industry? To pull off a training session, webinar, or coaching session effectively, you’ll need an organized presentation as a visual aid.

A good training presentation can provide structure to your speech and boost your confidence as a presenter. It can also deliver your message efficiently, and stick with your audience long after your presentation is over.

Use our training presentation template to:

  • Present information simply and logically
  • Help you stay focused on your speech
  • Motivate, inspire, or inform your audience

Customize Your Training Presentation Template

Structuring your training presentation properly and including the right slides are both important. Illustrate your points by using graphics like bullet lists, pictographs, bar charts, images, and more. Each of these options can be added to your training presentation template in an instant. We reviewed the best training presentation examples and here are the recommended slides to include:

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Pro Tips for Creating Your Training Presentation

Here are tips from our favorite training presentation examples.

Think about the goal of your presentation

Does your presentation inform, inspire, persuade, or entertain? Tailor your speech according to your goals.

Include an introduction

Make sure you add an introduction in the beginning of your presentation. Explain why you’re speaking on the topic to build your audience’s confidence and trust.

Design with your audience in mind

Will your audience want to listen to your speech, or engage with it through questions and stories? Are they completely new to the presentation topic or will they be experts?

Repeat your message

Before your training or webinar ends, leave your audience with a summary of your main message.