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Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

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Branding is at the forefront of any business strategy, and it’s important to make sure teams are aligned on design standards, voice and tone. has the perfect presentation template to help you stay on brand and visually consistent across all campaigns. 

These customizable template slides have everything you need for a brand guidelines presentation, including brand identity, typography, and color palettes. 

Our brand guidelines template can also help you:

  • Present company branding to stakeholders
  • Have a comprehensive guide for onboarding and future reference
  • Share brand assets with the team

Use our template to create an effective brand guidelines presentation

Your brand guidelines presentation is important for marketing teams to establish branding that is both recognizable and engaging, while creating a standard for other departments to follow. Whether you need to customize your guidelines for different employers or share your brand with third-party partners, you can quickly bring your visions to life with this customizable template. Our template includes everything you need to create an effective presentation. Those slides include:

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Tips to create an effective brand guidelines presentation

When you use this template to craft your brand guidelines presentation, keep these four tips in mind:

Create a theme

With a brand guidelines presentation template, you’re likely using all of your branded colors, fonts and logos to create the deck. Making a custom theme will make it easier to recreate branded decks moving forward without having to manually adjust fonts and colors on each slide.

Make It Engaging

This presentation is all about your brand, so it should be engaging. Don’t be afraid to include examples of images and icons that align with your brand’s story.

Keep it Concise

This doesn’t need to be a 20 slide deck explaining why you landed on specific typography. Include only the most relevant pieces of content to help colleagues stay on-brand and consistent in their roles.

Add Personality

If any deck should have personality, it’s a brand guidelines presentation. Think outside of the box and try different layouts to present your branding to stakeholders.