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Sales Battlecard Presentation Template

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A sales challenge is to show a prospect how their offering stacks up against the competition and why they’re the better option. Sales battlecards compare your company’s offering, benefits, and pricing to the competition’s in a visual way.’s sales battlecard presentation template can help sales teams stay ahead of the game and craft better sales pitches. 

The customizable template has everything you need to pit yourself against the competition and describe how you solve the customers’ pain points in a way the competition can’t. A successful sales battlecard presentation will help sales teams close deals more efficiently.  

Our sales battlecard presentation can also help you:

  • Showcase how your offering stacks up against the competition
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition 
  • Demonstrate your offering and define how it applies to the prospect’s use case

Use our template to create an effective sales battlecard presentation

A sales battlecard presentation gives sales teams the leverage they need to position themselves as the best option for prospective clients. Tailoring this template to your own sales battlecard presentation is simple. Whether you need to outline price comparisons or demonstrate how your software is the best solution to their problem, you can bring your visions to life with these customizable templates and our entire library of professionally designed template slides.

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Pro tips to create an impactful sales battlecard presentation

As you use this template to build your own sales battlecard presentation, keep these tips in mind:

Use colors to differentiate information

When pitting yourself against the competition, use different colors to represent yourself and the competitor(s). Keep these colors consistent throughout the entire presentation so your audience can digest the information easier.

Include a demo

Use the webview or video Smart Slide templates to incorporate a demo of your product or service into the sales battlecard presentation.

Stats and Figures

Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t be afraid to use stats and figures to drive your point home.


Personalizing your presentation can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Customize your sales battlecard to reflect the prospect you’re presenting to and their unique use cases.