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Product Roadmap Template

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Make your next product roadmap presentation your most impressive one yet with our customizable template. Perfect for bringing your vision to life, this product roadmap template has all the essential elements for a successful pitch: vision and strategy, goals and objectives, launch timelines, and more. 

Even better? This template is already professionally designed and will come together in just minutes – helping you get your product roadmap off the ground. Whether you’re pitching to investors or training an in-house development team, you can easily tailor our product roadmap template to any audience. 

Our product roadmap template can also help you:

  • Pitch new products to investors and customers
  • Visualize the trajectory of research and development work
  • Inform and educate your sales team of up-and-coming products

Master your next development presentation with our project roadmap template

As you bring your product roadmap to life, don’t forget that you can tap into’s additional templates and designs to create additional elements like Gantt charts, flowcharts, infographics, and more – all with a few clicks. With our project roadmap template, you’ll get access to 10 customizable slides that outline all the details necessary for your presentation. Those slides include:

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Pro tips to create an impactful project roadmap template

Ready to use this template to create your roadmap presentation? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Set expectations

Let audiences know what to expect upfront and throughout your presentation with an agenda slide and section break slides.

Tailor to your audience

Use our library of templates to easily add new slides and create different versions of your presentation. That way, you can tailor each to your various audiences, like upper management, the marketing department, sales teams, and product developers.

Diversify your content types

Don’t bog down your presentation with text-heavy slides. Diversify your content by using elements like photos, videos, icons, summary slides, diagrams, and more.

Add some excitement

Successful product roadmaps are tactful and detailed, but that shouldn’t dim the excitement. Don’t be afraid to add some energy and flair to your presentation.