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Budget Review Presentation Template

Use This Template

A budget review presentation is used to review your budget from the previous fiscal year, and keep your finances on track all while scaling your business. Teams can analyze budget allocations from the previous quarter and discuss which departments may require additional resources with the help of’s budget review presentation example.  

Our customizable template has everything you need for a budget review presentation like financial roadmap, outlook and funding. A successful budget review presentation can help businesses and partners— like investors— align on which money is going where for the overall financial health of the company.

Our budget review template can also help you:

  • Analyze financial resources with key stakeholders
  • Plan out a budget roadmap and outlook for the upcoming year
  • Get investors and board members up to speed on the status of the business

Use our template to create an effective budget review presentation

A budget review presentation can help you better plan for a more successful fiscal year by predicting future costs. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create effective budget review slides. Those slides include:

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Pro tips to make your own budget review presentation template

As you use this template to craft your budget review presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Keep it brief

A budget review doesn’t have to be a running receipt of the previous quarter. Outline the metrics, review your budget, and explain how the budget can help you achieve your goals moving forward.

Understand your audience

Are you presenting internally or to the board of investors? You might want to tailor your budget review story for each audience.

Make use of graphics

Charts, graphs, and images can condense a lot of data and present it in an appealing format.

Check the numbers

Before you present your budget review, double check all your numbers for accuracy.