Top 9 Generative AI Tools to Improve Your Teams' Workflow

Jordan Turner
February 21, 2023
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Top 9 Generative AI Tools to Improve Your Teams' WorkflowTop 9 Generative AI Tools to Improve Your Teams' Workflow
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Top 10 Generative AI Tools to Improve Your Teams' Workflow

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the recent buzz around artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology that takes on tasks that have historically only been done by humans. It’s nothing groundbreaking, as AI has been around in different ways for many years. But what is new and noteworthy is generative AI, which is an umbrella term used to describe any AI that can help create new text, images, video, audio, code or synthetic data.

Generative AI isn’t intended to replace humans’ jobs, but instead can be used to make them easier. Most generative AI tools are created as collaborative partners to help teams automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity. These tools help smaller companies do more with less budget, and can be a great asset to helping businesses scale.

Here are the top 9 generative AI tools to help improve your teams’ productivity and workflow.’s DesignerBot is the future of presentation software that uses artificial intelligence from zero-to-finish. We already have the Smart Slide templates that make editing your slides more seamless, but DesignerBot takes it one step further and handles the heavy lifting of design for the entire presentation deck. It expedites the brainstorming process and takes you from a topic or idea to a full presentation deck draft in seconds. For businesses, this generative approach makes the presentation design process more personalized and efficient.

The new DesignerBot feature also uses artificial intelligence to rework your copy so you can craft the perfect message, faster. Think of it as your own personal wordsmith in your back pocket to help you structure your thoughts, adjust your tone, and refine your content. DesignerBot’s generative text feature inspires a more impactful message in half the time, so teams can focus on their story instead of worrying about their tone of voice sounding right. is made for sales and marketing teams who might suffer from writer’s block. Simply explain the content you’re looking to create, enter the key points you need to hit, and choose a tone of voice that best reflects your project— will handle the rest. After your content is generated, you can sift through results and edit them to fit what you need.

Aiva is an AI-powered music composer. For things like soundtracks, game development, or personal projects, Aiva helps you create tracks for your work to bring them to life. Users can opt to compose music with influence and upload an existing file for Aiva to pull inspiration from, or a pick pre-set style. The best part is that with Aiva’s pro plan, users will own full copyright of any track created, forever. 


Superhuman is your own personal assistant when it comes to emails. It is a fast, high-end email client that helps users get organized in half the time. Superhuman’s key features include a split inbox which allows you to sort by work, personal, etc., built-in controls like tracking and undo send, a command line, and scheduling and reminders. Superhuman reinvents email communications, and could be beneficial to sales and customer success teams. 


You’ve likely seen Dall-e in action whether you’ve realized it or not. Dall-e uses OpenAI to create digital images based on prompts from the user. Things like “a renaissance oil painting of a dog drinking coffee in an office” or “a life-like robot eating a banana in space” are prompts you can enter to get a totally customized, unique image. The new Dall-e 2 allows users to edit the image by expanding, removing items, or adding elements.’s DesignerBot works with the Dall-e software so that users can pull custom photos and graphics into their presentations.

Synthesia uses generative AI to create videos. With over 120 languages supported, users can ask its smart technology to create videos using a simple prompt. From training videos and how-to tutorials, to marketing videos, Synthesia helps teams create videos 80% faster without the need to hire a videographer or creative agency for every project. 

Shutterstock generate

Similar to Dall-e, Shutterstock Generate is an AI image generator. The difference between the two is that in Shutterstock you can take your image from the generator and make your own edits to it in Shutterstock Create. This allows teams to add their own branded touch to whatever their prompt delivers, making asset creation more personalized and efficient.


Notion, an app known for its notetaking and database organization, recently released their own form of generative AI. Their new functionality can work as your personal copywriter to create blogs, social media posts, and other assets like a meeting agenda, press release, brainstorm, or a personal poem. Notion’s AI can also help with grammar checks, reworking existing content, or translations. 

Jasper is a web-based GPT-3 AI writing tool that can help teams generate content for social media, emails, blogs and online articles, website copy, advertising concepts and art. Jasper works as a team's creative partner to help them develop more engaging copy, faster. In fact, they claim to help teams 10x their content output. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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