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HR Benefits Template

Use This Template

Our human resources benefits template makes it easy to break down important benefits and perks for your employees. Understanding medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage can be confusing. Figuring out incentives like 401(K) retirement plans can be, too. Lay everything out in one easy-to-read HR benefits presentation.

Use the HR benefits template to:

  • Explain the open enrollment process
  • Onboard new employees
  • Keep on hand as a company resource

Let our HR Benefits Presentation Template guide you every step of the way

Illustrate your main points and get your employees excited about their perks and HR benefits by adding interesting photos, videos, graphs, and other visuals. Every slide in a human resources benefits presentation shares important information with your employees. Some potential slides to include in yours are:

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Tips for making an HR Benefits Presentation

To create a straightforward and intelligible HR benefits presentation, follow these tips below.

Include relevant links

Your employees will likely have questions about their benefits. Include links to provider websites and contact information for HR.

Organize your information

Make information as easy-to-understand as possible with good organization and design. Use bullet lists, different fonts, and colors to organize your info.

Personalize your presentation

Have company photos of your last team outing or office party? Put them to use in your presentation to illustrate company benefits.

Including visual aids

Charts, funnels, graphs, and images all add to the way your presentation is received. Visual aids make slides memorable and draw notice from your audience to important components.