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Product Proposal Presentation Template

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Launching a new product? Selling your next big idea? Product proposal presentations are where most new ventures start. Product proposals break down product features, potential, and potential revenue. To construct a successful product proposal you should outline your key features, prepare product visuals, and make sure your market data projects profitability. A good project proposal gives people a reason to care and invest in your idea. Our product proposal template will enthuse your audience, emphasize your product’s versatility, and allow you to present your product as the go-to solution for a specific problem or need.

Use our product proposal presentation template to:

  • Present your product as a solution
  • Emphasize your product's versatility
  • Imbue excitement in potential clients

Let your product shine by using this visually appealing template

Choose to use any or all the following slide templates to highlight your product and emphasize it’s potential:

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Pro tips for creating excitement for your new product

A product proposal is just the start, make sure stakeholders and potential clients leave the presentation energized and ready act by using these tips:

Emphasize visuals

Create visual interest and get attention for your product by using graphics such as product videos, photos, illustrations, and data visualizations.

Use animations

Your audience will know if you’re passionate about a product. Keep the presentation lively and adjust your pace based on audience interest.

Know your features

A product proposal must emphasize your product’s strengths while addressing or minimizing any perceived weaknesses. Be prepared to answer audience questions and direct back to the positive features of your product.

Differentiate yourself

What’s already on the market and how is your product different? How is it better? Use your competitive advantages to garner excitement.