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Reddit Presentation Template

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In 2005, two college friends co-founded one of the most-viewed websites in the world: Reddit. Every day, more than 52 million users take to Reddit to post, comment, and vote on virtually any topic of interest. And with more than 100 thousand communities at their fingertips, Redditors can ‘Dive Into Anything.’

Just as unique as its communities (from Shower Thoughts to Astrophotography), Reddit’s pitch deck is quirky, eccentric, and original. Filled with lots of data and, of course, photoshopped cats, it captures the essence of the site’s personality. But Reddit’s presentation called for a more simplified and streamlined design that contains fewer cats. As a result, has created a revamped Reddit pitch deck, made for anyone ready to bring their own thoughts and ideas to life.

Use this Reddit presentation template to create:

  • Investment pitches
  • Website analytics
  • New website, platform, or app ideas

See the Reddit presentation redesigned with

Creating a successful pitch deck doesn’t require dozens of slides packed with mountains of data and information. Instead, your presentation should be short and simple — but with a design that’s as impressive as your ideas. Enter: our redesigned Reddit presentation with a variety of template slides you can use for your next pitch.

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Pro tips for creating your own unique Reddit Presentation

Ready to make a lasting impression? With the help of our template — and these tips — you’re sure to create a presentation that will excite your audience.

Incorporate visual aids

Help tell your story through engaging photos, videos, graphics, and icons.

Streamline your data

You don’t have to present numbers in hard-to-read tables, charts, and graphs. Draw attention to the data that matters most with a sleeker and simpler design.

Keep it simple

Longer presentations increase the chances of losing your audience’s attention. Simplify your story, sharing only the most crucial information.

Add some personality

Reddit’s co-founders weren’t afraid to include photoshopped cats in their presentation. Take note by adding your own unique flairs to your deck!