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5 Presentation Templates That You Might Not Think About Using (But Should)

Jordan Turner
March 25, 2020
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5 Presentation Templates That You Might Not Think About Using (But Should)5 Presentation Templates That You Might Not Think About Using (But Should)
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Why fix something that isn't broke? When you’re constantly creating presentations, it’s easy to resort back to the same tried-and-true template each time. Afterall, we’re creatures of habit. That said, sometimes it’s a good idea to think outside the box and try something new. Yes, that goes for presentations, too.

We offer a wide variety of free, customizable presentation templates so that there’s something for everyone, every business, and every meeting. No matter what the occasion, we've curated pre-built templates to help you get a jumpstart on your next presentation. Here are five presentation templates that you might not think about using, but should. 

1) Board meeting template

Here’s a template you never knew you needed (until you did). The pressure to impress your board is heavy, and we’re here to lighten the load. The purpose of this deck is to ensure you hit all of the key points in your next board meeting. This template starts with an agenda so the board knows what you’ll be covering and what questions they should ask, and includes company updates, important metrics, objectives and key results (OKRs), and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Download the board meeting template here

2) Year end review

Think of an effective year end review as an executive summary for the entire year. What were the key takeaways? The presentation should include high-level information such as a company overview, an evaluation of goals, achievements, rates of growth, obstacles and setbacks, future goals and financial data. This deck could be used to present at a company stand-up, a team meeting, or to your boss. Still don’t know where to start? Let our template take the wheel.

Download the year end review template here

3) Sales plan

The main goal for a sales team is lasting growth for the company (and to close the deal, obviously). So, how do you achieve that? Also known as a sales pitch, a sales plan is a presentation you might use to secure new clients or retain business. A sales plan presentation should include a section about the company, leadership team, competitive landscape, a product demonstration, user feedback, projected growth, pricing, process, timing, and next steps.

Download the sales plan template here

4) Operations plan template

An operations plan is essentially an outline of how the business strategies will be implemented to achieve goals and objectives. It’s an important piece to any puzzle of success. With an operations plan presentation you can ensure that the team’s responsibilities and roles align with the company goals. Our template includes an executive summary, strategic context, SWOT analysis, company objectives, KPIs, financial summary, hiring plan, goals by team, and next steps.

Download the operations plan template here

5) Budget proposal template

A budget proposal is exactly what it sounds like: a bid for a new budget. In other words, it’s a sales pitch for a specific department or project to obtain funding. This can be used for new initiatives, new hires, or at the beginning of a year, quarter, or month. Our budget proposal template includes a performance overview, executive summary, SWOT analysis, business challenge/opportunity, budget proposal, process, project timeline, and next steps.

Download the budget proposal template here

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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