50 Creative Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night

Jordan Turner
May 26, 2022
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50 Creative Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night50 Creative Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night
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TikTok is the newest, hippest (just ask any twenty-something year old) social media platform and arguably the biggest thing since Instagram’s launch in 2010. The platform boasts over 1 billion users and has been downloaded an upwards of 200 million times in the United States alone. You can find all sorts of videos on TikTok from food recipes and fashion, to presentation tips. Its diverse, entertaining, short-form content is what makes the app so favorable across many different age groups and demographics. 

Many trends and recommendations have come to light because of the ever-popular social media app like dances, sounds, and meals. But another TikTok trend that has taken millennials and Gen Z by storm is PowerPoint nights. PowerPoint nights became especially popular in 2020 during the pandemic when friends and family were looking for ways to connect with one another via technology. Essentially, friends create presentation decks about cheeky topics (unrelated to work or school) and present them to each other either in-person or through video calls. Oftentimes served with plenty of snacks and beverages, PowerPoint nights have become a new Friday night “thing” to do. A trend we can get behind. 

And of course, we’re thrilled that it put presentations on the map for something fun other than board meetings and thesis assignments. 

So we’re tapping in. Here are 50 creative ideas for your next PowerPoint night. Extra points if you use and tag us on TikTok. 

  1. Your colleagues as The Office characters
  2. Dating app contenders 
  3. Hot takes on a new album from your favorite artist
  4. Your Spotify Wrapped list
  5. Bachelor/bachelorette (or other reality TV show) predictions
  6. A song to describe each person in your friend group and why
  7. Suggest locations for your next friend trip
  8. Everyone’s love language
  9. Fantasy football updates
  10. Everyone’s favorite movies, ranked
  11. Water bottle brands ranked
  12. The best restaurants in a 30 mile radius according to you
  13. Dream wedding destinations
  14. Your friends as Disney characters
  15. The best nostalgic shows for your generation
  16.  Things you would do if you were president 
  17.  Pet names that you love and hate
  18.  The best and worst managers or bosses you’ve ever had
  19.  Your favorite memory with each friend
  20.  The best iPhone/android apps you can’t live without
  21.  Each friend’s toxic trait
  22.  Fashion trends you can’t get behind
  23.  Friend trivia or two truths and a lie
  24.  Office gadgets that just make sense
  25.  A [insert name] starter pack for all of your friends
  26.  Give each friend a superpower and explain why
  27.  Your colleagues as an alcoholic beverage
  28.  Things you hate: and everyone has a chance to try to change your mind
  29.  Everyone’s enneagram types
  30.  Unpopular opinions: things you like that no one else does
  31.  The emojis you need in the next update
  32.  The top 10 best celebrity couples
  33.  Things that just make sense to have in your home
  34.  Band names each friend would name their band
  35.  Things from Amazon that you would recommend to a stranger
  36.  Your friends as fast food restaurants
  37.  A song for every milestone in your life
  38.  How each person’s road trip snack preference defines them
  39.  The first five things you’d spend money on if you won the lottery
  40.  Bucket list items
  41.  Local coffee shops, ranked
  42.  The best and worst things about everyone’s jobs
  43.  Give all your friends a new name and persona
  44.  How everyone’s zodiac signs fit their personality
  45.  Your group as Friends characters
  46.  Holidays ranked from worst to best
  47.  Celebrities that would play your friends in a movie or TV role
  48.  Things you’d rather be doing than your current job
  49.  Each of your colleagues as dog breeds
  50. The best (most useful) things you’ve learned from TikTok

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Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.

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