Case Studies For Sales: How Great Case Studies Can Be A Sales Enablement Secret Weapon 

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December 17, 2021
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Case Studies For Sales: How Great Case Studies Can Be A Sales Enablement Secret Weapon Case Studies For Sales: How Great Case Studies Can Be A Sales Enablement Secret Weapon 
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In any sales team, the right sales enablement strategies can help push deals over the line. Sales enablement is essentially providing your sales team with the information, content, and tools necessary to be successful in their roles. Collateral used for sales enablement might include things like sales proposal presentations, infographics, or marketing materials such as downloadables and informational flyers. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sales. In fact, teams should think outside the box when it comes to their sales strategy if they want to be successful in scaling the business. 

One of the most underrated sales enablement tools is case studies, or social proof. Case studies are an in-depth analysis of a group, person, or thing. It can reveal behavioral patterns, use cases for a product or service, and valuable feedback to businesses. Many businesses will interview their power-users and most loyal customers to unveil how they’re leveraging their company to be more successful or efficient in their own endeavors. It’s common for businesses to feature case studies on their website in a blog-like format to help build trust and credibility with old and new customers. 

So, why use case studies? While it might not be the obvious choice for sales enablement, case studies can help sales representatives gain prospective clients and win more business. Here’s how. 

Case studies build credibility 

Social proof is the easiest way to build credibility. Case studies prove that other businesses— maybe even some in the same industry as your prospective clients— are using your product or service and love it so much that they’re willing to vouch for it. Think of it as the equivalent to a review on Amazon: a television with better reviews will likely result in more sales. The more case studies, or testimonials, that you have the more likely new customers will see you as a viable option. 

Case studies reveal unexpected use cases 

When you have an interested prospect, it’s important to show them different ways your product or service can benefit them. In a sales call you might chat through some of the obstacles they’re facing, and the different ways your product can help solve said obstacles. But still, the more use cases they can find for your product or service, the more valuable it becomes and the easier it will be to get their team onboard. Case studies might help them see your product in a new light and unveil use cases that they may not have thought of otherwise. 

Case studies showcase customer wins

Nothing helps seal the deal like a business win. How can your product or service help impact their bottom line? Having case studies on hand that showcase customer wins can be the difference between closing a deal and not. Sharing stories like how a business secured funding from investors, increased team efficiency, became more successful at onboarding and employee retention, or scaled a business, in a case study really helps to quantify your success. Your prospective client will start thinking about your offering’s value in a new way. 

Case studies make your product more relatable

And finally, when a prospect reads a case study it can help them relate to the product or service more. They realize that they’re not the only business with a specific problem, and the subject of the case study helps to reassure them their challenge is common and that there's a solution. Insert your business. It makes your product or service more relatable, and they can start to envision how it might fit into their existing workflows or strategies. 

Examples of case studies

To start curating your own case studies, look to your longest and most loyal customers. We’re talking about the clients who have been with you from your earliest product development stage to now— they’re the ones who can really speak to how beneficial your product or service has been and will have a more well-rounded experience to share. 

A great way to showcase examples of your case studies is through a presentation.'s case study presentation template will help you keep your clients engaged while you show them potential business solutions in a polished and professional presentation. Communicate your product’s worth, acquire more clients, and increase retention using our case study presentation. It's fully customizable so you don't have to start from scratch and can focus on what's important: your testimonials.

And for a not-so-shameless plug, here are some examples of case studies.

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