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Infographic Slide Template

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Need to dress up a plain list of data? An infographic presentation slide displays your data in an interesting, impactful way. Instead of adding a regular bullet list to a slide, an infographic slide uses arrow bars to organize your data. Arrows can imply relationships or movement between data points, explain steps to achieve a goal, or make any list in your presentation look well-designed.

Use our infographic slide template to:

  • Share important data visually
  • Lay out steps in a process
  • Show relationships between different data

Pro Tips for an Infographic Presentation Slide

Use an infographic presentation template to visually impart information. Make the most of this slide by following these suggested steps.

Label your infographic slide appropriately

If you’re explaining steps in a process in your infographic slide, number each arrow. Comparing percentages? Place the percentage in or around each arrow.

Clearly represent your data

A longer arrow bar implies a larger number or percentage. Make sure the size of each bar in your list is proportional to your data.

Get creative

Give each arrow a unique color, add animations or transitions, or play around with fonts and sizing to make your infographic slide template pop.

Use it for more than one data point or idea

One arrow in your infographic slide will look unfinished or like a mistake. Because it’s meant to stylize a list, make sure you have multiple points or steps to display.

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