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How to Package Your Interior Design Concepts in a Presentation

Samantha Pratt Lile
July 13, 2022
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How to Package Your Interior Design Concepts in a PresentationHow to Package Your Interior Design Concepts in a Presentation
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Presentations are a common tool used in business, particularly sales, marketing and even public relations. But presentations can be a valuable asset for many unexpected industries, including interior design. Representing visual ideas in an interior design presentation can improve the chances of landing an important project. Not only can designers package their ideas and concepts in an engaging visual presentation, but digital interior design presentations also provide potential clients with an idea of what they can expect from a project.

How do you present interior design concepts in a way that closes the deal? After all, an interior designer needs to not only pitch their services but also introduce their ideas and showcase their portfolios. Fortunately, all of those factors can be clearly communicated in a visual presentation designed with PowerPoint-alternative software.

Presentations help designers pitch their services

Much like any other business professional, a designer can use a presentation to pitch their services to potential clients. Sales proposals help demonstrate how a business, product or service can positively influence clients, investors and potential partners. Successful sales proposals and pitch presentations feature straightforward messages, impactful visual elements and specific data that references a company’s strengths.

Designers can use sales proposal presentations to respond to requested proposals, communicate their proposed design concepts and pitch ideas and design strategies to potential clients. By using a sales proposal template, interior designers can benefit from a streamlined creation process. Instead of starting with a series of blank slides, a sales proposal template features perfectly curated slides that already feature all the essential placement and design elements that designers can fill with customized content.

Designers don’t have to stick to the slides included in a sales proposal template. They can also promote their services by customizing any number of pitch deck styles. By personalizing a pitch deck template, creative professionals can impress potential clients and close more deals. users can choose between a general pitch deck template or customize one of many PowerPoint makeovers of pitch decks used by some of the world’s most successful brands.

Presentations allow designers to introduce their ideas

How does an interior designer introduce their visual ideas to a client? Creative professionals commonly use mood boards to visually convey their ideas about a new project. These valuable tools, also known as inspiration boards, typically feature representations of color schemes, materials and textures, as well as furniture and décor. Because mood boards are easy to create using presentation software, designers can make multiple versions to offer clients flexibility.

An effective mood board presentation template allows designers to organize their ideas and keep their inspiration in a concise deck they can share with teams, partners and potential clients. Fortunately, creative professionals don’t have to know how to make an interior design presentation board from scratch. With’s customizable mood board template, interior designers have everything they need for an effective mood board presentation, including slides for everything from background information to colors to photography.

The mood board presentation template also helps creative professionals add various elements of inspiration to help inform new designs while creating a comprehensive guide to reference throughout the course of a new project. A mood board presentation even allows designers to brainstorm and share their ideas with other stakeholders.

Presentations help designers showcase their portfolios

As any creative professional can attest, a strong and engaging portfolio is a vital element of their success. Potential clients and prospective partners want to see designers’ skills and experiences with their own eyes. Gone are the days when visual artists and designers had to carry around physical portfolios filled with snapshots and visual examples of their work history. By creating a digital portfolio using presentation software, creative professionals can design a memorable visual resume to dazzle clients.

Creating a digital portfolio presentation can be simple for interior designers using PowerPoint-alternative software like The creative portfolio template helps designers showcase their work and skills while highlighting their specific creative styles. The template includes slides perfectly curated to highlight past work and professional skills, as well as connect with potential clients.

By customizing the creative portfolio template, designers can impress potential clients and employers with a readable, eye-catching digital portfolio. Since first impressions are vital in the creative professions, the template helps create a digital portfolio presentation that shines a spotlight on a designer’s best work for the best possible impact.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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