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Introducing + Slack

Jordan Turner
July 13, 2020
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Introducing + SlackIntroducing + Slack
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Communication and collaboration are integral parts of any team. Mastering both can help teams achieve a more seamless workflow. We know that collaboration and sharing are essential in the presentation process, too. Being able to collaborate on ideas, share assets, and ultimately communicate your story more efficiently and effectively, is what makes a presentation great. To help facilitate collaboration, we’re doing the work to integrate with your existing workflows so that you can continue to build and manage the best presentations alongside your other documents. 

Introducing the new + Slack integration

To help streamline your presentation process we’re excited to announce our new slack integration. Earlier this year we released comments and notifications, which made it easier for collaborators to work in unison. But collaborating in just got better. Many teams are familiar with Slack, and use it to communicate internally, but now they can use it in their presentation workflow, too.

Collaborate better with instant Slack notifications

Respond to invites, view comments and be on top of any changes made by collaborators on your shared presentations. With the + Slack integration, you can receive real time messages in Slack about your presentations.

Automatically sync team conversations

View any comments, questions, or feedback that is added to your shared slides.

Realtime updates so you never miss anything

Whenever a slide is edited, added, moved, or removed you’ll get notified. Always be in the know when a presentation theme is changed.

Manage permissions and accept invitations

Be notified when someone shares a presentation with you, invites you to collaborate on a presentation, or join a team.

Connect to Slack from

Connecting to Slack from is easy. Just follow these quick steps.

  1. Instantly communicate updates and conversations. Stay on track with the latest changes on your presentations.
  1. Sign in to your Pro account to enable Slack notifications
  1. Allow to access your Slack workspace
  1. You’re all set. You will start getting notifications from

These are just our first steps towards integrating with the world of other products and tools used for productivity. Are there other tools you’d like to see integrated with Drop us a line and let us know at

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.