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Pitching for Good: Creating Nonprofit Pitch Decks for Donors, Volunteers, and Government

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March 30, 2021
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Pitching for Good: Creating Nonprofit Pitch Decks for Donors, Volunteers, and GovernmentPitching for Good: Creating Nonprofit Pitch Decks for Donors, Volunteers, and Government
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A nonprofit pitch presentation needs to set up a relationship with your partners that feels inspiring, satisfying, and mutually beneficial. But that connection can be hard to develop when you’re drowning in facts and figures, and aren’t totally clear about what’s in it for your audience. Find out how an insightful pitch deck template can help you hit the right notes and deliver an exciting presentation that has prospective partners jumping up to fulfill your ask.

The challenges of nonprofit pitching

The two biggest obstacles to a successful fundraising presentation are data overwhelm and a lack of emotion. At its worst, a presentation to donors can feel like a lecture, and instead of winning over your audience, it sends them off feeling bored, confused, and vaguely guilty.

If you drill down to examine a fundraising misfire, you’ll probably notice things like overcrowded slides, aggressive blocks of text, and messaging that never comes close to touching on what’s truly important and compellingly human in your organization’s story.

Amazingly, all of these issues can be solved with a well-designed template deck to guide you. From identifying which details your listeners will find most compelling to incorporating beautiful and impactful visuals, a template that follows the principles of good design can help you make the audience feel the impact of your work and energize them to step up beside you.

What works in NGO presentations

The keys to a persuasive nonprofit presentation are inspiration and making it personal. The more you can describe the results you create and deliver vivid imagery and concrete details, the more excited your audience will be to sign on with you.

To this end, tools like charts and infographics are indispensable. Great presentations use them to highlight the information that makes people want to take action:

  • How bad is the problem your organization addresses?
  • How much of a difference do your projects make?

The next step is to make the results of your work feel immediate, urgent, and attainable to your audience.

Tell a heroic story

One surefire way to make your organization’s work feel intensely personal is to incorporate storytelling into your pitch.

By incorporating photos, videos, and testimonials, you can show the audience how your beneficiaries, volunteers, and donors have come together to overcome obstacles and make change that matters.

You can craft the story with slides that demonstrate:

  • How real humans have benefited from your work
  • How donors, volunteers, and government offices have grown through their involvement with you

Issue a clear call to action

Just like in fairy tales, your supporters need a strong invitation to take up the mantle with your project. Your final task is to make sure that your ask is aligned with your audience. If you’re speaking to government officials, your presentation should end with the next steps in the grant submission process. If you’re speaking to volunteers, let them know how to sign up to join your crew. And if you’re speaking to private or corporate donors, let them know exactly where to go or who to contact to set up their payments.

Double check that throughout your presentation, you’ve directed your content at your primary audience and that your call to action lines up. When you’re speaking to a mixed crowd, you can touch on the experience and benefits of each type of partnership, and conclude by giving your viewers the choice of how they’d like to get involved.

If you speak directly to their needs and aspirations, you’ll leave them feeling like they are about to become the heroes of the story.

Make it beautiful

When it’s time to pitch your nonprofit project to donors, government agencies, or volunteers, make sure you make an impact by using a well-designed pitch deck template.

The presentation and slide templates at can help you highlight the most compelling information and paint vivid pictures of how your organization helps people and empowers your partners to support work that makes a difference, so they’ll be saying yes before you finish asking the question.

Try today for free. Sign up here and explore the gorgeous, professionally designed decks that you can customize in minutes to help your nonprofit do more good.

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Beautiful.AI Team

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