The 15 Sales Enablement Tools Your Team Needs

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June 22, 2021
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The 15 Sales Enablement Tools Your Team NeedsThe 15 Sales Enablement Tools Your Team Needs
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Looking to streamline your sales process and boost your team’s results? These sales enablement tools will help your sales reps and distribution partners connect instantly with up-to-the minute insights and deliver personalized, solutions-focused content exactly when customers need it. Read on to see which platforms will make your team happier and more productive, astound your clients with beautiful content that feels like it was tailor-made for them, reduce wasted effort, and close more deals. 

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the infrastructure that helps your sales reps and distribution partners sell your product. Sales enablement software platforms use automation, artificial intelligence (AI), customer analytics, and market insights to laser-target your sales plays. They help you create and access strategic content, develop value-driven experiences, and deliver timely, customer-centric sales interactions that make the biggest impact with the least amount of labor.

When you’re looking to improve your sales enablement infrastructure, you should look for solutions that make it easier for your team to provide outstanding customer service and to close sales faster. Five key areas to consider are:

  1. Intelligent contact management: Reduce data entry, automate workflows, and optimize the way you nurture accounts.
  2. Automated insights: Gather data on customer behavior and performance analytics to refine your processes and drive more sales.
  3. Quote and contract management: Take the hassle out of pricing and signing contracts for a smoother buying experience.
  4. Training systems: Provide well-designed, on-demand learning content to help your team nail your brand messaging and sales plays.
  5. Sales content creation and delivery: Let reps and prospects access personalized, solution-oriented content in real-time for a compelling experience and faster journey.

The Best Sales Enablement Tools of 2021

Some platforms cover more than one function in your sales enablement system, but the following are some of the best tools for each of the five key areas.

1. Intelligent contact management

Working together with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, sales enablement platforms analyze your existing contacts and interactions with AI insights to help you plan, track, and refine your sales activities. - Automated workflows for identifying, contacting, and following-up with prospects.

Cloze - An automated communications tracker that organizes emails, social media, appointments and notes on calls and meetings to fill in your CRM and prompt you to follow up with the right person at the right time.

Chorus - Conversation AI that captures customer insights from calls, emails, and virtual meetings.

2. Automated insights

Artesian - A web-crawling lead generator that compiles data on your prospects so you can make more valuable connections.

Clari - Automation and AI to analyze and predict customer patterns for efficient auditing of deals and accounts, forecasting business, and reducing churn.

Guru - Organize your company’s knowledge with an intelligent system that predicts what information you need and pops up with relevant network locations in real time, no matter what application you’re using.

3. Quote and Contract Management

ConnectWise Sell - Cloud-based, automated workflows for configure, price, quote (CPQ) processes.

DocSend - Share content, track viewers, identify who’s interested in doing business with you and protect your sensitive documents online.

Conga - A suite of tools that streamline collaboration and creation of content, organize negotiation and outcomes reporting, and manage contracts and signatures.

4. Training

Ambition - A coaching and gamification tool that supports, develops, and rewards sales teams.

Allego - A mobile, interactive training and learning platform for distributed teams.

Highspot - Deliver a coordinated training experience with onboarding, training, coaching and analytics, all combined within one platform.

5. Sales Content Creation and Delivery - An intelligent design tool that automates good design practices so any team member can create beautifully branded and magnetically engaging presentations and slide templates for use in any content management system.

Mediafly - Build and share engaging, interactive content for any step of the sales journey.

Consensus - Allow prospects to experience personalized, interactive demos and collect data on who in the company is exploring your product, what content they’ve viewed, what pieces they’ve shared, and who else is involved in the buying decision.

Give your team brilliant training, content and information management

In all, finding the right sales enablement tools will make it easier for your sales team to win. Explore these platforms to give prospects and customers what they need, when they need it, empower your sales reps and partners to get more done, and move the sales process forward with less friction.

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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