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Utilizing Slide Templates to Conceptualize Your Ideas and Create a Deck At the Same Time

Isabelle Nicole
May 21, 2024
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Utilizing Slide Templates to Conceptualize Your Ideas and Create a Deck At the Same TimeUtilizing Slide Templates to Conceptualize Your Ideas and Create a Deck At the Same Time
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Getting all your ideas into a succinct presentation can be time consuming if you aren’t using Our design AI and Smart Slides fill in the blanks of your ideas. With hundreds of customizable slide templates, you never have to start from scratch – and you have an AI assistant in your back pocket.

Our library of templates is more than just a starting point for your presentations; they're a catalyst for innovation. With templates that format automatically, you're encouraged to think outside the box and experiment with different ways to present your ideas.

Each template offers a new opportunity to view your ideas from a different perspective, which can lead to unexpected and creative approaches to your message. Whether you're using a metaphor to explain a complex concept or a visually striking infographic to simplify data, Smart Slides provides the inspiration needed to create something truly unique.

Explore how utilizing our AI slide templates can elevate your presentation game and spark new ideas, helping you communicate your message with confidence and efficiency.

Understanding the magic of Smart Slides

Smart Slides aren't just ordinary templates; they're dynamic tools that actively shape how you present your ideas. As you input your content, these slides use design guardrails to keep things simple. Prioritize your thoughts, and let Smart Slides handle the design.

Here the philosophy of "less is more" comes into play. Start with the basics. Distill complex information into digestible pieces. As you work within these boundaries, let the constraints fuel creativity, prompting you to explore new angles and presentation flows that you may not have initially considered. 

The true power of Smart Slides emerges when you're in the thick of content creation. Unlike static templates, Smart Slides adapt as you add your ideas, providing immediate feedback on design and structure.

As you type, you may notice you're running out of space, prompting you to edit and focus on what's essential. This real-time content development helps refine your message and can lead to breakthroughs in articulating your concepts. It's like having a designer beside you, nudging you towards better, more impactful slides.

Meet AI assistant

You can even use our AI assistant to help you refine and edit your copy. Any information you add to your slides in provides our assistant with context that it can use to develop new copy or even generate new slides. It’s an additional copy editor that can assess tone, audience, purpose, and get to the point of your message. 

The benefits of having design guardrails in place

Design guardrails help users maintain a clear information hierarchy, which is crucial for audience understanding. These guardrails are based on the principles of good design, so it’s nearly impossible to make a mess of your presentation.

Once you’ve reached the point of transitioning your ideas into a deck, the guardrails of our Smart Slides help prevent non-designers from interrupting the visual hierarchy, and can also push more experienced designers outside their comfort zone. 

Another benefit of guardrails, is it ensures everyone within a company stays on-brand. With a Team plan, you have access to a Collaborative Workspace and Custom Company Theme with set fonts, colors, logos, pre-approved images, and even a Centralized Slide Library to pull from. 

Create beautiful presentations at scale. 

Present your ideas with clarity

Getting your ideas across in a presentation can be challenging. How long do you speak for? What information do you choose not to include in your slides? What information do you include? 

However, the ability to conceptualize these ideas effectively can make a significant difference in your message's reception. Conceptualizing refers to forming a clear, holistic picture of your ideas and the relationships between them. This practice can help you:

  1. Understand your ideas better
  2. Communicate your ideas more effectively to your audience
  3. Make the presentation more engaging and understandable

Conceptualizing your ideas can help you focus more on the core message and eliminate information that doesn't contribute to this core message. By having a clearer idea of what you want to convey, you can create more focused, coherent, and compelling presentations. is a fantastic tool for conceptualizing because it jumpstarts your creative process. You can generate a presentation by prompting our AI to “create a presentation for a group project about ecosystems” or scroll through our starter templates for fully-baked ideas from agency pitches to culture decks. Even just a dive through our templates can assist with your concept, because it puts your idea into context with existing presentations. 

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle is a freelance content writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

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